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We tried NBA 2K13, pure basketball

In the world of sports video games there is relative variety with respect to the particular sport we want to focus on. Going into basketball, 2K started shyly several years ago, something that has changed since it is now the undisputed king of the market for basketball and NBA lovers. In Applesupportphonenumber we have tested the new NBA 2K13 and here we leave you an extensive review in which we analyze almost all aspects of this new delivery.

If you like video games and sports, especially basketball, you will be interested in this analysis of the new NBA 2K13 for iPhoneiPod Touch . It is clear that it cannot be compared to its big brothers available in big consoles, but in the world of mobile videogames it will give a lot to talk about.

First impressions

We tried NBA 2K13, pure basketballWe tried NBA 2K13, pure basketball

It’s common knowledge that a game that requires a wide range of controls will be most cumbersome on a small screen. From this premise, I didn’t expect that the iOS version of this game would be a saint of my devotion but I was surprised, in just ten minutes, and after sharing games with new players, I concluded that it is really fast to adapt to their controls . What attracts us to a mobile game is that we can quickly adapt to its controls so that we can really focus on the game.

Availability and prices

In this review we analyze the version for iPhone although it is also available for iPad and iPod Touch. The application is universal and has a price of 6.99 , you can download it directly from the App Store.

The application is in English only and will take up no less than 1.09 GB on our device . It is not available for all devices on the block, but almost, especially for the newest ones.

You must have iOS 5 or later to be able to access the game and this is the list of devices that can run it:

  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 5
  • iPod Touch 3rd, 4th and 5th generation
  • iPad (all models)


The game interface is very intuitive as it has the menus needed to quickly start playing in the game mode you prefer, choosing the controls and equipment and you’ll be bouncing the ball. The menus are just as simple to use when you pause, choosing or modifying the settings that best suit you.


As soon as we access the main menu we find the game modes and the options section. The different types of games range from the typical quick game or practice game to a full season. But this is not all and we can also remember historical NBA games , called Greatest Games .

Regarding the multiplayer section we can create a duel against a friend in two different ways but equally simple, both via Bluetooth and Game Center.


In this type of games for small devices the controls and the amount of screen they occupy is a primary issue when analyzing their playability. Depending on our taste, we are offered two options of handling:

  • Classic: This is the classic version, which has a joystick on the left to control the movement and four buttons on the right, with which we can change players, pass, shoot, bounce and even do alley-oop.
  • One-Finger: This option allows us to make moves using only one finger. To do so, we only need to make several gestures or touches on the screen to make the moves we want.


In the graphic section they have achieved a great quality, I repeat myself in saying that you can’t buy it with the versions for better consoles but the characterization of the players, the actions of dribbling or entering the basket are tremendously realistic , something that is totally captured in the moment in which a player crushes the hoop.

The response of the ball or the movement of the players both in attack and defence is very interesting , especially if we change the type of camera to a more frontal one, in which we can see clearly which movement is better for us or which play we can create.


The music used for this game is directly controlled by Jay Z, a well-known American rapper and businessman who also co-owns the Brooklyn Nets. The creators of the 2K saga have expressed their excitement about the soundtrack because, as they say:

The number of songs that are available in the video game is 24 , including hits by Jay Z himself but also by great artists like Coldplay, Kanye West and even rap classics like Mobb Deep and NAS.



This new release by the 2K guys has surprised me pleasantly, as I said before I’m not a big fan of the games that in their mobile versions are too cumbersome but without any doubt this one has surprised me pleasantly. From its graphics, gameplay and player management to its game modes and menu layout, they have shown me that they have not taken it as a hobby but as a platform that they can exploit. As negative aspects perhaps the One-Finger mode is a little complicated to master, and although sometimes with the classic control we are a little limited, to be able to make feints directly changing direction with the joystick of movement seems to me a success.