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We tried Espresso, the minimalist RSS reader

One of the biggest uses I give to my iOS devices is as a news or RSS reader. It’s amazing how easy it is to find out everything we are interested in thanks to RSS subscriptions or topics that we make. But finding the ideal application to perform that task can be a real pain. In the App Store we can find applications such as Reeder or Feedly that undoubtedly comply, but Espresso has arrived, which I personally see as a serious alternative to the big readers. In Applesupportphonenumber we wanted to analyze this application and bring you all its features, maybe it’s your ideal reader.

One thing I look at when I buy an application for my iOS devices is the interface, always the interface. And one of the things I appreciate most in an interface is that it is minimalist and functional, Espresso does this perfectly. Developed by Spaniard Fran Saorín, Espresso is the new RSS reader that has recently landed on the App Store and is presented as an alternative to the big ones.

First impressions

We tried Espresso, the minimalist RSS reader
We tried Espresso, the minimalist RSS reader

As soon as we open the app of Espresso we realize that is a detailed and careful application . The first thing it asks us to do is register with our Google Reader credentials and give it permission to access our feeds . it will instantly start synchronizing with our account and downloading the posts from our feeds .


Espresso stands out for one thing that sets it apart from other RSS reading applications: simplicity. It is the basis of this -pricey- app . Espresso features an interface that reminds me a lot of the Modern UI of Windows Phone. The colors used are mainly white, light blue and gray. Maybe this is its weak point, personally I don’t like such light colors when reading on a device since it forces me to lower the brightness considerably. A night mode? , who knows, we might see it in a future update.


Navigation through the application is the second feature that has captivated me about Espresso. To go back for example we have to slide our finger from left to right and we’ll go back to the previous page. The strong point comes when accessing the navigation bar. As before, we slide our finger to the right and a hidden menu will appear showing six icons. To add feeds , to see the unread feeds , the highlighted ones or all the feeds , to access the list of blocked ones -which I’ll tell you about later- or to access the settings menu. Similarly, if we’re reading an article, by sliding your finger from right to left we can share the article via email, iMessage, Twitter or Facebook, open it in Safari or copy the link from it.

The block list is an interesting feature that I have seen in few RSS readers. It allows us to block certain terms from receiving news and articles that include these terms. Ideal for filtering feeds or blocking articles that don’t interest us.


Espresso (0,89 euros)

¡Sorteamos 3 licencias de Espresso!

Y es que nos ha parecido genial esta aplicación y por ello en Applesupportphonenumber vamos a regalar 3 promocodes de Espresso. Si quieres participar en el sorteo de estas licencias y llevarte un promocode de forma gratuita sigue leyendo a continuación y te explicamos como conseguirlo. Si quieres conseguir esta aplicación deberás seguir las siguientes instrucciones y cumplir con los requisitos siguientes:

  • Síguenos en el Twitter de Applesupportphonenumber y Difoosion y haz retweet de este artículo (puedes usar los botones situados al inicio y al final del mismo). Puedes seguirnos también en nuestro Facebook y Google+.
  • Deja un comentario en esta misma entrada contándonos porqué Espresso y no otra aplicación o que diferencia a esta de otras más conocidas, especificando tu usuario de Twitter y asegurándote que tu cuenta de correo utilizada es válida (si eres el ganador, nos comunicaremos contigo mediante correo electrónico).
  • La inscripción al sorteo se inicia en el momento de la publicación del artículo y finaliza el miércoles 7 de noviembre de 2012 a las 23:59. Entre todos los inscritos hasta el momento y que cumpláis los requisitos, sortearemos tres licencias de Espresso para iPhone.
  • El sorteo se realizará mediante el servicio online y el ganador será publicado al dia siguiente de la resolución en este mismo artículo.
  • Si el ganador no responde, se pasará al siguiente de la lista y así sucesivamente hasta hacer entrega del premio.

¡Mucha suerte a todos!

The price of Espresso is relatively low, we can get the app from the App Store for 0.89 euros . Considering the features and functions of the app I would even be willing to pay more for the app, as it is certainly worth it.



My grade for this application is 90 out of 100, the reason for this high grade is not other than how well the app is taken care of and how well it works. Maybe it lacks a couple of functions to make it more complete -but of course, this is the first version- and an iPad version . With these two improvements we would have the perfect RSS reader.

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Because 3 licenses were raffled off and we have only 3 participants, a promocode is delivered via email to each of them.

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