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We tried ChargeCard, the charger that fits in your wallet

Today we bring you one of those products that arise in Kickstarter, and that in the end become something tremendously successful and loved by all the public, it is ChargeCard, a USB cable for iPhone 44S and iPhone 5 that will delight more than one. ChargeCard

We tried ChargeCard, the charger that fits in your walletWe tried ChargeCard, the charger that fits in your wallet

The battery of the iPhone and in general of all smartphones today, is one of the biggest problems we have to face every day. It’s very normal to have to keep an eye on it so that it doesn’t run out and catch us out. Moreover, many people carry a charger to charge their iPhone every time they are out and without a battery. But it’s pretty bad to have to go with a charger behind you for a mobile phone, isn’t it?

First impressions with ChargeCard

The truth is that I was quite surprised by the CargeCard not only when I first saw it on the Internet, but also when I actually saw it and was able to touch it. It’s really thin and small as a credit card. I had a very good impression from the beginning.

ChargeCard size and details

There is little to say about the size, it is identical to that of a normal credit card , i.e. approximately 5×9 cm. The thickness is different, as it is approximately twice as thick as one of these cards. On the other hand, it should be noted that the edges and the flexible part inside are made of rubber and the rest of the charger is made of plastic, making it rigid but pleasant to touch at the same time.

What makes ChargeCard special

  • We find it in three different versions for three different devices: 30-pin dock connector, micro USB and Lightning connector.
  • Works with iPhone, iPod and iPad.
  • It fits perfectly in the wallet just like a card.
  • It’s one of Kickstarter’s most successful projects.
  • It has been designed and manufactured in California.

How to get it and how much does it cost?

ChargeCard is available on the official website of its creators and is priced at $25 for all three versions -iPhone 44S, Android and iPhone 5-. The truth is that the price is somewhat high considering that it is only a USB cable. Nevertheless, it is tremendously useful and convenient.



What’s more, I’d risk putting a 100 on it – just for the brilliant idea of putting it in a purse and being so elegant, it still surprises me. Against it, I have to say that I don’t like its price, I agree that it costs to manufacture, but it’s 25 dollars. On the other hand, it has in its favor the elegance, the comfort and the discretion that it is. In general I can say that I’m even in love with ChargeCard and has become an indispensable accessory in my day to day life.

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