We tried AirCassette, a different player for your iPhone


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We tried AirCassette, a different player for your iPhone
We tried AirCassette, a different player for your iPhone

In the App Store there are many applications related to music , and each one has its peculiarities. Today we analyze one of them.

AirCassette plays your music in cassette format for iPhone and iPod Touch.

This application consists of reproducing our music with a touch from the 80’s , making it seem like the music is being played from a cassette of the time. The effect is simple, while the song is playing we see a very well characterized cassette (with the written name of the song, author and album that is playing) through which we can go from song to song, stop or play.

To select the song we can do it through lists of Artists, Albums or Songs. Of which you can go from one list to another simply by sliding your finger.

You can also create playlists with Queue , this process is done by clicking on the song and selecting the option to add to Queue.in the Queue menu the list of added songs appears in the right column and on the left appears the total number of songs, their total duration and the time left for the next song. In addition to this you can also save the list in mixtape so you can create more playlists or delete this queue list.

Like most applications, this one can also share your favorite songs through Facebook and email . You can choose to share a song you liked or your entire Queue list so everyone knows what your soundtrack will be like today.

It should be noted that it currently has a total repertoire of twelve cassette types to play and is perfectly compatible with AirPlay.

As a negative aspect, we can say that this application is paid and costs 1’59 and does not provide anything more than a visualization of a moving cassette of our music.

As personal opinion I have to say that it works perfectly and the effect of watching the tape go by is very well achieved. I consider it a recommendable application for all those nostalgic for cassettes but I have to say that besides that it doesn’t offer anything else, if you consider that it’s worth paying for it, go ahead.

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