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“We treat the employees of the Apple Stores as executives.


Last July, we profiled Angela Ahrendts and her responsibility for managing the Apple Stores as the beginning of a new era. The former Burberry manager was not here to take on another position in Cupertino’s ranks , but to change things in the company’s retail sector.

“We treat the employees of the Apple Stores as executives.
“We treat the employees of the Apple Stores as executives.

And he’s done it. The management has achieved an 81% employee retention rate, the highest ever in the company. This means that only 19% choose to leave the company and look for another job. The retention rate is undoubtedly the best we will do to measure the overall satisfaction of an employee in his or her job, and it seems that the dream of working at Apple also reaches those employees who are on the street.

Although Ahrendts has not gone into the details of the strategies carried out to reach this milestone, we do know that the management spent the first six months after joining Apple to visit the Stores in nearly forty countries, and explained that the employees of the stores were treated “as executives” of the same rank as any position at Cupertino’s headquarters .

In this intangible of sensations, the management explained that it conveyed to employees that it was a matter of “touching customers with products that the Jony Ive team has taken years to develop” . Ahrendts was quick to understand the relationship between Apple and its customers and insisted that this intensity should reach the point of sale as well.