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We tested the Solar Keyboard Folio, Logitech’s solar keyboard for iPad

A physical keyboard and keys with a layout is probably one of the best options we have when buying an iPad. The truth is that if we spend a lot of time typing from an iPad, it doesn’t hurt to have a physical keyboard to leave aside the touch keyboard that the iPad offers. These days, we’ve been testing the Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio for iPad.

Typing with the iPad keyboard can be a simple task for some, but you should never forget the comfort and feeling of typing with a physical keyboard. That’s why it’s normal to find keyboards adapted and created specifically for the iPad on the market. These days we had the opportunity to test one of those, Logitech’s solar keyboard, Solar Keyboard Folio .

First impressions

We tested the Solar Keyboard Folio, Logitech’s solar keyboard for iPad
We tested the Solar Keyboard Folio, Logitech’s solar keyboard for iPad

As soon as you take the keyboard out of its case, you notice the material that is pleasant to the touch , it is a very but very comforting black skin. On the other hand, we noticed that the keyboard marks elegance. Another interesting thing is that when you open it, the way it is attached to the iPad using a flexible plastic is very interesting because it is not rigid.

Technical specifications and price

Solar Keyboard Specifications Logitech FoilSize428 x 17.8 x 253 mmWeight460 gRequirementSecond, third, or fourth generation padPrice135 euros

iPad connection

Connecting it to the iPad is relatively easy, just press the button with the Bluetooth symbol on the keyboard and activate Bluetooth in the iPad Settings. Now we’ll see how the Logitech keyboard appears on the iPad to configure it. Connecting the keyboard to the iPad couldn’t be easier. As you can imagine, automatically connects via Bluetooth whenever you turn on the keyboard .

The Solar Keyboard Folio by Logitech

The name of the keyboard itself says it all: solar. The Logitech keyboard has the possibility of recharging it through the natural light provided by the sun. This is because of the solar panel on the back of the case. Very, very useful, and as they say in Logitech, as long as you have light, you can write.


To be honest, the drums are one of the things I have least tried on the keyboard . When I first opened it I left it in the light for a while and since then I’ve forgotten that it has a battery. Since then, the keyboard has not indicated the need to charge it again -I’ve been using it for a week now-, and I’ve used it daily, though not for very long periods.

Keyboard with path

It’s interesting to note that the keyboard has travel keys and not touch keys, this provides a tremendous user experience , the comfort is noted, I’m serious. You leave the touch keyboard aside and completely forget what it means to have a keyboard without relief, as the Solar Keyboard Folio offers you an exceptional typing sensation.

More things to keep in mind

Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio for iPad
the smart buttons on top
, as the number keys can perform various functions such as copy, cut, paste, volume up, volume down or change the language of the keyboard.



Honestly, the keyboard has given me more joy than disappointment, I didn’t expect so much from a solar keyboard but the truth is that it has worked out well . I especially liked not having to carry cables behind me and the material that covers and protects the keyboard and the iPad.

On the other hand, it would make the case more rigid since the fact that it is made of rubber and half plastic gives me a strange feeling. Another point against it is the price, 135 euros I see it a bit exaggerated for an iPad keyboard. In general, I recommend it to anyone who wants a useful and comfortable keyboard for their iPad.