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We tested the Smart Keyboard for iPad

Do you travel all day? Do you use the iPad as your usual work tool? Well, why not perfect it a little more. Today we’re talking about the Smart Keyboard, an accessory that goes virtually unnoticed but can help you be more productive.

Last week was horrible and exhausting. I spent the whole week touring Spain, but don’t think it was for pleasure. It was business travel and I spent more time on the AVE (what we call here in Spain a high speed train).

We tested the Smart Keyboard for iPadWe tested the Smart Keyboard for iPad

Apart from the daily comings and goings, the hardest part was choosing which gadgets to take with me. Although each one I have can offer me more or less the same services, I am addicted to them and I have them all. Therefore the most important decision when packing the day before departure was to choose which electronic device would make the many hours of the train more enjoyable for me.

It was clear that the iPhone was coming with me, but although it is a smartphone of the most complete (games, movies, social networks, Internet) when it comes to making a technical assessment of 30 pages is not as practical as we say. So the choice was between taking the MacBook Air or the iPad. The thing was getting quite complex, the main idea (some will understand) was to take everything, but I had to get that idea out of my head, since more than half of the hours of the trip were going to be spent traveling between trains, taxis or walking around the city and it wasn’t a plan to go with 2 backpacks.

Someday I will buy the coat in the previous picture; but things were getting complicated and I had to choose quickly. The 11-inch MacBook Air had everything to gain : it weighs little, it’s comfortable for doing any kind of work and its autonomy is more than enough to distract one for several hours of travel; but that meant continuing to carry two suitcases, the one for the clothes and the laptop bag.

I had everything ready and was about to leave, when I remembered a new iPad accessory that I was advised to try for a review . I had saved it because for personal reasons I hadn’t had time yet, but why not? I decided to leave the shoulder bag at home and take the iPad 2 with the Smart Keyboard.

The Smart Keyboard, a wireless keyboard fully compatible with the iPad 2 or the new iPad , allows us to turn our tablet into a MacBook Air-style laptop in seconds.

As you will have seen in the video, apart from being a perfect accessory if we often use the iPad as a word processor, it also serves as a protector. It is made from a magnesium and aluminium alloy giving it great strength and protecting the iPad screen from possible knocks or scratches.

Although at first I had to get used to using a physical keyboard along with on-screen touch gestures. During the long stays on the train, I was able to carefully test the keyboard and I can assure you that I was not disappointed. Its size allows you to have all the necessary keys and functions without sacrificing manageability. The keyboard is adapted to Spanish with the letters ñ, ç and accents. It includes some special function keys: Home , Sleep , Brightness Control, Music Playback, Volume, Photo Gallery, Search.

The keyboard is pleasant to use and the keystroke is silent , like on a MacBook Air, so I didn’t mind using it at night without disturbing the sleep of the other travellers. The only problem I could find was during night trips when I missed the backlighting of my laptop.


  • Designed specifically for the new iPad (iPad 3). iPad 2 compatible.
  • Connection via Bluetooth 3.0.
  • Ultra-thin and even lighter (240 g).
  • Spanish keyboard layout (ñ, ç and accents)
  • Lithium battery. Life span: 3 years. Recharge: 4-5 hours via standard iPad charging cable. Duration: 150 days on standby and 120 hours of continuous use.
  • Integrated retractable stand for a better working angle
  • WakeSleep function integrated in the keyboard.
  • Solid keys, pleasant to the touch and quietly pressed. Not backlit.
  • Special function keys: Home, Search, Brightness, Photo Gallery, Language selection, Music playback, Volume and Sleep.


Well, there’s little else I can say. After all, this stress trip has served its purpose. I don’t know if the business was good, but at least I decided to change my old iPad case (which was already starting to get dirty) and buy a Smart Keyboard. Besides, being an ultra-thin and lightweight keyboard, it practically does not affect the elegance that characterizes the iPad.

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