We tested the PixelSkin HD case for the iPhone 5

PixelSkin HD

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We tested the PixelSkin HD case for the iPhone 5
We tested the PixelSkin HD case for the iPhone 5

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Cases are the most popular and the one that almost everyone buys to protect their fragile phone from bumps and falls. Today we are testing for you the PixelSkin HD, a veteran and successful case that has been adapted to the size and shape of the new iPhone 5, but without losing the character that has made it so popular.

The world of iPhone cases is such a vast field that it would be physically impossible to make a compilation of each and every one of the cases we have available on the market. However, there are some that stand out from the rest and become a bestseller , and even readapt themselves to new iPhone models, such as Twelvesouth’s BookBook or Speck’s PixelSkin HD, which is the case we are dealing with today.

It was born to protect the iPhone 4 as a different case from what we were used to, it was adapted to the iPhone 4S, and they have done it again for the new iPhone 5. The PixelSkin HD has become a bestseller , and was even one of the cases Apple gave away when the antennagate case for the iPhone 4 came out.

This case aims to be more than just the classic silicone case we can find for any mobile phone. Although its rubbery feel reminds us of silicone, it is not this one, but another type of plastic that does not drag all the dust and lint from the pockets it finds in its path . In addition, its back is made of small anti-slip squares that will give us more security when taking the iPhone. The name of the case comes from this pixel grid shape.

As for the handling of the phone with the case, we do not lose any functionality, since has quite generous holes for the headset connector and the Lightning connector , in addition to their corresponding holes for the speaker, microphone and mute button. The volume and on/off buttons are perfectly marked so we can press them without any problem.


The worst thing about PixelSkin HD? It’s something that will happen with any case, and that is that the iPhone loses its personality . It becomes embedded in a protective casing, but the feeling of having a highly engineered piece in your hands is quite lost. We also lose the sense of thinness, although the sense of lightness remains, because the case adds hardly any added weight to the whole.

As for its availability, we can find it in five colours : red, graphite, black, blue and violet. If you want to get one, you can find it in any accessory shop, or buy it on their website in exchange for about 25 euros approximately .


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