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We tested the new products presented by Gameloft for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Last week we had the opportunity to travel to Paris and try out all the new and upcoming games that Gameloft is preparing for the iPhone and iPad and that will arrive throughout 2010.

In general most of the new features are second parts that try to improve their predecessors with more options, I think it’s laudable what they have heard from the users in this sense, and in general with better graphics. We could also see some of the new franchises that will come to both devices.

We tested the new products presented by Gameloft for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
We tested the new products presented by Gameloft for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

A curious thing to note is that while most of the new features of the iPhone are second parts, interesting ads are being prepared for the iPad and some of them exclusively for the team.

Avatar for the iPad

The game is an adaptation of the version of the game for the iPhone and iPod touch, although in this case they echo the novelties of the device in order to offer a more complete experience.

Some of the novelties present in most of these games is the possibility of editing the controls to our liking. Such a big screen has different ways to be used, for this they have incorporated a “button” editor from which we can place any button wherever we want.

Another new feature is the use of new gestures to interact with the stage in a more complete but fun way than just clicking on a button.

The game obviously looks much better than the iPhone version but more for the fact that it is designed for a much bigger screen than for the graphics itself, they are quite similar.

IronMan 2 for iPad

It is a game very similar to Avatar, although in this case it is characterized by the protagonism and theme of Iron Man 2. All the new features incorporated in the version of Avatar for the iPhone, are also available for this game.

What has most caught my attention is the extreme simplicity of the game, although the scenarios are open environment have a very marked route and never better since there are constantly “controls” where you have to go to continue the game, ends up being a little desperate the little freedom they offer to the player.

GT Racing Motor Academy HD for the iPad

One of the new franchises coming this year for the iPad is this one, a game with a quite spectacular graphic finish and with a much more realistic cut than Asphalt, goodbye to the Arcade.

The game looks poorly, you can tell it’s not an iPad-portable game but one designed for the iPad. The visual finish is very good and also the fps has improved exponentially, the game in motion is one of the best cars that will be for the iPad.

Another point that has also improved is the physics of it, being a game that aims to be more a simulator than an arcade this section has been taken care of to the maximum, but although it includes physics does not incorporate a system of damage.

Finally, I would like to highlight the “architecture” of the game, which is different from what we have seen so far. It has cards in a similar way to games like GT, so you have to advance little by little to access all the cars and tracks but in a different way to other games.

Prince of Persia for iPhone and iPod touch

One of the main novelties present at the event was this game, Gameloft has done a great job porting this game to the iPhone and iPod touch.

The game looks pretty good and with a very successful aesthetic, personally it’s what I liked most about the game. There are also some new features such as real-time map editing and controls.

The biggest problem with the game is still its playability, not suitable for nervous users. The game has the typical gameplay only suitable for expert players, and requires large doses of patience and skill (similar to Assassins’s Creed). Only suitable for the most skilled gamers.

Zombie Infection for iPhone and iPod touch

Being told that a game is better than the game you’re trying to imitate (or at least be similar in theme) is pretty good and that’s exactly what happened with Zombie Infection.

Gameloft tries to repeat the game with this game, the change is remarkable in the optimization of the game (at this point you can still improve the engine of the games on iPhone and iPod touch) fps is again one of its best news, the game is much more fluid.

The rest is similar to other deliveries, different character, different story. If you like action games you will like this one, even if you don’t expect a completely different game than what we have already seen.

Questions to Developers

Although with language difficulties (we had a rather curious mix of English, Spanish and French) we were also able to talk to some of the people who work at Gameloft to learn a little more about the company, its operation and curiosities. Here are some of those questions.

  • How much more powerful is the iPad than devices like the iPhone 3GS?
  • Will we see exclusive iPad game releases?
  • Some companies are integrating the three current Apple devices into games to interact with each other. Do you have any similar integration in mind for any games?
  • Do you intend to jump to other “bigger” platforms like Nintendo?

Finally, we would like to thank Gameloft Spain and Antonio and Julian for inviting us to answer our questions.

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