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We tested the new gestures and options in iOS 4.3 for the iPad

In September 2010 we tested at Apple the first beta of iOS 4.2 designed by and for the iPad, a new version of iOS 4 uniquely and explicitly designed to improve and add new options to a team born halfway through its final evolution.

The prints? Pretty bad, in general the feeling that this iOS version for the iPad has given from the beginning was one of a logical but badly focused evolution.

We tested the new gestures and options in iOS 4.3 for the iPad
We tested the new gestures and options in iOS 4.3 for the iPad

Multitasking was a must on the iPad from day one, and the biggest problem with the implementation Apple put forward was that it was the same as the one designed for a 3.5-inch device, a device where such interaction made sense.

On the iPad, that idea has been poor from the start, a simple idea for a device that could do so much more.

But it’s funny, because it seems that Apple in iOS 4.3 has really rethought all this and decided to put some things in order that users didn’t understand.

iOS 4.3 is not an evolution, we are talking about the same multitasking that we have been using since June of last year in the iOS devices, the difference? something as simple as taking more advantage of the resources proposed by a device with a screen as big as the iPad.

In total there are only 4 new gestures that after a few days using them bring a new dimension and concept to the ideas we already knew, in particular the gestures are these:

  • Show all open applications. Something as simple as dragging four or five fingers upwards shows all the applications currently open on our iPad.
  • Close the menu of the open applications. If we make the same gesture as before but in a downward direction we can see how the menu of open applications closes and allows us to interact again with the program open at that moment.
  • Switch between open applications. One of the best ideas that Apple has had and that really nothing is new (Palm planned a similar system some time ago with WebOS) has been to implement a system that allows us to switch between open applications without the need to return to the home screen or use the exchange menu of applications established by Apple.
  • Display the iPad’s home menu. Without a doubt another function that shines by itself, thanks to this gesture we can close at any time our current application without pressing the home button.

As you can see, we’re not talking about any really important changes, just minor details that bring about a radical change in the way we use the iPad.

Because of this news is that rumors have arrived that Apple could remove the home button from iOS devices forever, but… does it make sense to do that?

Many people wonder if these gestures are also available in the iOS 4.3 version for the iPhone, and no, these gestures cannot be used or activated from an iPhone. The reason? More than simple.

What on the iPad makes a lot of sense and seems to improve all the things we already knew about it, on the iPhone not only doesn’t add anything but the opposite is the case, it becomes more of a problem trying to interact with five fingers on the iPhone than an advantage.

In general, we are not talking about a radical change, just a few details that improve, or rather complement, what we already know but that bring a new point to what we already know how to use and that is also quite interesting.