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We tested the new Cherry keyboard

Surely the first question you’ll ask when you see this keyboard in your favourite shop is why does an Apple keyboard have a Windows icon on it? The resemblance is really impressive, but this is the new model of the Cherry brand “Cherry STRAIT Corded Keyboard” and we have tested it thoroughly for all our readers.

Since time immemorial the keyboard has accompanied the computer and although it is not given all the importance it deserves, I am convinced that is one of the most widely used tools today.

We tested the new Cherry keyboard
We tested the new Cherry keyboard

In most of us, it’s a day-to-day accompaniment to our daily work or to win our game of Call of Duty (CoD). That’s why I consider it our duty to find the perfect peripheral: one that is comfortable, precise, durable, and easy on the eyes . Aren’t you tired of seeing so much of the same keyboard?

Cherry is one of the leading companies in the keyboard market and today we present you one of their latest models the STRAIT Corded Keyboard. Although it cannot be directly compared with the original Apple keyboard, mostly because of the quality of the materials, the Cherry keyboard can become our first choice when looking for a more affordable replacement.

Minimalist design

Its minimalist and elegant forms together with that white and silver colour clearly define it as a keyboard in the purest Apple style. I sincerely believe that this was Cherry’s main idea, to create a stylish keyboard for all fanboys at a much more affordable price. And of course it’s easily combined with either of the Apple’s two flagship peripherals.

Its design consists of a single elongated piece of silver grey where each of the keys seem to melt. Although the materials used are not the best that can be found on the market, the use of plastic gives it that perfect relationship between quality and price.

As extras, the STRAIT keyboard has some quick access keys to multimedia functions , quite common nowadays in most keyboards and that allow us to interact quickly with our music library.

Going deeper, it should be noted that the STRAIT Corded Keyboard does not use mechanical keys but membrane keys . In this way Cherry has managed to create an extra flat keyboard that is both elegant to look at and comfortable to use. All thanks to the elegant keys and the silent activation of the keys.

Perhaps its only drawback comes from its rear, as it does not have any kind of “pin” or foot to adjust its height. It is the structure of the keyboard itself that provides that adjustment, thus forcing the user to adapt to the angle that the manufacturer has deemed appropriate and necessary for comfortable typing.


The STRAIT Corded Keyboard by Cherry is a stylish, simple and comfortable keyboard. We must take into account the use we will make of it, this keyboard becomes a more than interesting option in the world of writing because of its comfort and silence, but perhaps it is not entirely recommended in the videogame sector. The price, which varies from 35 euros according to the distributor, is the right one to create a perfect harmony between quality and price. Although I personally believe that it would not have been a bad idea to introduce a backlighting system on the keys , thus facilitating use in places with poor lighting.