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We tested the Mountek MT5000

The Mountek MT5000 is a holder for placing our mobile phone in the car, but instead of attaching it to the window through a suction cup, it fits into the CD slot of the radio.

Did you think everything was already invented in iPhone mounts in the car? Well, you were wrong. The typical suction mount for putting the GPS or the phone in the car is already a classic, but until now nobody had thought of putting it in a safer and more visible place: the CD slot of the radio .

We tested the Mountek MT5000
We tested the Mountek MT5000

The disadvantages of the classic suction cup are clear. When we catch a pothole it goes to the ground , with the danger that this implies driving -as if it were not dangerous for the physical integrity of our device. Moreover, takes away our visibility , and for those of us who like to have our glass as clear as possible, it is not a valid option.

Mountek’s solution is not only ingenious, but effective. By placing the iPhone at radio level we get more handy and it will surely be out of reach of the sun, so the screen will look much better.

The method of fixing is very simple. Two plastic sheets are attached by means of a knob that tightens them on the edges of the radio’s CD insertion slot. The best thing is that it doesn’t fit inside the radio, so we can listen to a CD quietly .

Thanks to the adjustable screw, is valid for any type of radius . The mount has a ball joint so that we can orientate the iPhone wherever we like, as well as being able to turn it and put it horizontally to make it easier to use as a GPS.

The Mountek MT5000 is valid for any mobile phone or GPS, we only have to ask for the device we have when we buy it, so that it comes with the exact hole to load in the lower part that holds the phone.

The $19.95 that you have to pay to get one of them seems quite reasonable to me. The material used is not bad plastic; it looks high quality and has a rubbery feel.

The ball joint that allows our iPhone to turn is quite robust and firm . It moves smoothly and precisely, but is sturdy enough that the iPhone does not face the ground when we pass a bump.

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