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We tested the latest Opera browsers for iOS on the MWC15, and so should you

Comfort zone. We all have one, even in the technology field. Have you ever said that “I know it’s not the best, but I’ll pass on downloading another application I don’t know”? Big mistake, especially when we live in the golden age of app stores , with so many possibilities at hand and so many options to choose from.

One of them is the Internet browser, the ultimate application on virtually any device and the one we pay the least attention to in iOS. Safari – for the moment – wins the browser war, but there are other alternatives. When Chrome came along, the game was enlivened by an interesting proposal with new features, and the possible launch of Firefox is also good news for the ecosystem.

We tested the latest Opera browsers for iOS on the MWC15, and so should you
We tested the latest Opera browsers for iOS on the MWC15, and so should you

Opera, one of the pioneers in this field of web browsers, launched at the end of 2013 a new proposal that broke with the consolidated traditions coming from the desktop versions: the interface. The content, according to Ópera, is what should be the main focus of the application.

Opera Coast, getting better and better on iOS

With Opera Coast , the company opted for gestures as a way of interacting with content. There is no type of interface in Coast, we only see the full screen with the content we are looking for. With a gesture, we can introduce the URL we want, if we don’t jump through links.

The browser also has geolocation to personalize the reading proposals adapted to our tastes that it offers, shown in a very visual and easy to access mosaic. Opera also promises a reduction in data traffic in its mobility products , using its Opera Turbo cloud compression technology, which we can adjust or deactivate completely if we prefer.

In future versions of Coast we will see a new feature called Video Boost , which will reduce the time of loading videos that we see in real time over the Internet. The application is completely free and compatible with both iPhone and iPad.

Opera Mini and the promise of Opera Max

As I was talking to Nora Pérez – from the Opera’s communication department – my memory of the Opera Mini comes from a time before the smartphones , when the phones only had the possibility to surf the Internet as something “extra”.

Now, the veteran Opera Mini seems to have grown in aspirations with today’s smartphones, but it maintains the characteristics of simplicity and immediacy . A lightweight, easy-to-use interface in a more traditional browser than the breakthrough Coast. Opera Mini also features the Opera Turbo engine to save download costs with its cloud compression system, which is welcome.

Finally, something that could one day come to iOS even though it only exists for Android at the moment: it is Opera Max , an application that optimizes the entire mobile data flow by compressing the input and output of any application. Perhaps complicated to implement in iOS, hopefully it will come one day like the rest of interesting Opera products that I encourage you to try.

Opera Coast (descarga gratuita, App Store), Opera Mini (descarga gratuita, App Store)

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