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We tested the intelligent Deebot OZMO 900 vacuum cleaner from ECOVACS: silent, it scrubs

Smart vacuum cleaners are one of the fastest moving smart categories in recent years. ECOVACS Robotics is a company focused on it that has just landed in Spain. Thanks to this, we have been able to test one of their most advanced models for several weeks: the Deebot OZMO 900 .

If you’ve decided to get a smart vacuum cleaner and were looking for one, this model is a great candidate for leaving your home floor clean and shiny. We’ll tell you about our experience.

Deebot OZMO 900: technical specifications

  • Product type: Intelligent connected vacuum cleaner with scrubbing function
  • Height: 10,2cm.
  • Diameter: 35cm.
  • Weight: 3.49 kilos.
  • Powder tank capacity: 450ml.
  • Water tank capacity: 350ml.
  • Maximum noise level: 66.7 decibels
  • Battery: 2600mAH.
  • Sensors: fall, collision and blockage.
  • Electronic water pump.
  • Navigation system: Smart Navi 3.0 by laser and infrared
  • Cleaning modes: programmed, automatic, rooms, virtual limits.
  • Voice status indication.
  • Where to buy: 399 euros at Amazon.

Who is ECOVACS Robotics

We tested the intelligent Deebot OZMO 900 vacuum cleaner from ECOVACS: silent, it scrubs
We tested the intelligent Deebot OZMO 900 vacuum cleaner from ECOVACS: silent, it scrubs

Before starting with the analysis of the Deebot OZMO 900, it is convenient to quickly tell some key things about ECOVACS. The company organized an event in Madrid a few weeks ago where they presented themselves to the press. According to them, the company was born in China in 1998.

From the beginning they focused on robotic household cleaning products. They are category leaders in China and Australia, with a significant presence in Japan and the USA . In Europe they are expanding to more countries.

Due to growing concerns about the privacy and sale of user data, we asked the company about the security measures they employ. For communications, an internal device ID is used that is random and unreadable. For servers, they use private IoTs located within the EU under the control of the RGPD active since May last year.

With all these measures, ECOVACS guarantees the privacy and security of communications and data of its products. Something very important when, as we will see, they are able to make a mapping of our home.

Quiet suction and safe scrubbing without dripping

The Deebot OZMO 900 has a circular design already characteristic of these products, different from brands such as Neato that we tested some time ago. It is characterised by having a central brush that sucks up all the dirt and is supported by two other side brushes that turn inwards.

This maximises the suction area without leaving any dirt in the corners . At the top there is a lid under which the power button and the dirt tank are located. In addition, there is a physical button on the outer housing to start cleaning quickly.

Scrubbing tank with rubber seal. Fits on the back of the robot.

So far, we could be talking about almost any smart vacuum cleaner. But then we would be missing two of its most outstanding features: the low noise it makes and its scrubbing function .

After having tested several models both at home and elsewhere, I can say that the Deebot OZMO 900 is the most silent of all. At least in its normal suction mode. Until now, I had gotten used to leaving the house prepared for vacuuming and leaving, among other reasons because I didn’t have to endure the vacuuming of my unit.

The blue part is the mop, which is located on the back side behind the main brush.

But with this model, in addition to its smart features that we’ll see later, I’ve found that it hardly bothersome to have it running around the house while you do other things.

As far as scrubbing is concerned, we are undoubtedly looking at one of the star aspects of this Deebot. According to the company, the OZMO 900 is not just a simple vacuum cleaner with a mop. It has a removable tank with a rubber cover and a mop that gets wet.

But unlike other brands, this vacuum cleaner controls the flow of water by means of an electronic water pump. In this way, you can moisten the mop for better cleaning little by little. Other methods do not have this system and the water is spread by its own weight over the tank.

According to ECOVACS, yours prevents water from leaking into the charging station after cleaning and damaging the parquet or even causing a short circuit.

A fast vacuum cleaner but with an app that should improve

Another aspect of the Deebot OZMO 900 that I like the most is its speed . As it is a more modern model than others I have tried, I have seen how it is able to move faster through the rooms.

However, their cleaning is more thorough . If you have a lot of obstacles you might try to get as far as possible instead of bouncing off and heading for the next one. Depending on the number and complexity of legs, chairs, tables and other objects, it will take more or less time to complete the session.

In these intelligent vacuum cleaners, having a good app is essential . The ECOVACS app incorporates very interesting features such as these, in addition to the traditional remote start or session programming:

Evolution of the cleaning of a home, where the robot first recognizes all the rooms, follows the contour and then completes the interior.

  • Real-time cleaning map: you know at all times where your vacuum cleaner is and where it has been.
  • Choice of cleaning areas: great when we only want it to go through the corridor or the room. The vacuuming robot creates a complete map of the house in its first session and then intelligently delimits the rooms for you.
  • Delimitation of areas: both to clean a specific area and to avoid them.
  • Scrubbing intensity: with more or less water.

However, the app itself leaves a lot to be desired . ECOVACS currently has two apps, although according to the company they are moving everything to one of them. The main features, such as the cleaning of delimited areas or rooms, are working well.

The vacuum cleaner creates a series of rooms automatically after cleaning the whole house. Afterwards, we can choose which ones we want it to clean and which ones we don’t

The problem is that is a slow app , where other less important aspects fail (like notifications) and when we lock the iPhone and unlock it again after a while, the app has closed. With the consequent annoyance of having to start it again.

It is also noteworthy that there is no version for the Apple Watch, where you can at least start an automatic and room-based cleaning. In addition, it would be interesting to have the integration of Siri Shortcuts as a previous step for Apple to integrate the vacuum cleaners in HomeKit, but we are not sure that this is possible right now.

Overall, ECOVACS Robotics should give your app a good boost . It’s the only thing that tarnishes an otherwise great experience.

A very interesting vacuuming robot at a very attractive price

And we come to the final section, where after analyzing the Deebot OZMO 900 it is time to see its pros and cons. This is an intelligent vacuum cleaner that is quieter than others , faster and more conscientious, with a safer electronic pump scrubbing system.

However, not everything is perfect as the app needs to be improved in important areas such as speed and bug fixing. Despite this, the balance of our experience is positive . It is a solid product, with a good design and it works very well.

In terms of function, speed and price, this is a very competent and interesting vacuum cleaner, despite the defects in the app

Now it’s time to talk about the price. On Amazon you can find it right now for 399 euros. Laser navigation, double side brushes, scrubbing and functions like stays or virtual limits can only be found in the more advanced (and expensive) models of other brands.

Without a doubt and although its app still needs to be improved, this is one of the best vacuum cleaners that can leave your home floor clean and shiny.