We tested the HyperJuice 2, an external battery for our MacBook and USB devices

Many times the battery is short, which makes us start working badly and uncomfortable, lowering the brightness of the screen, to a point that we must save what we are doing and turn off the computer. But that’s over because of the product we’re looking at today: the HyperJuice 2. This external battery will allow us to charge our MacBook while charging two other devices via USB. And it’s compatible with Apple’s MacBook Pro Retina.

Although Apple is increasingly extending the battery life of its notebooks, in many cases they are running short (especially if we work with simulation and video programs, for example), preventing us from working as much as we would like or even uncomfortably and worried about the remaining battery. The same goes for our iPad, iPhone and any mobile device whose use is compromised by battery life.

We tested the HyperJuice 2, an external battery for our MacBook and USB devices
We tested the HyperJuice 2, an external battery for our MacBook and USB devices

For this purpose, Hyper has created a series of external batteries, the latest model of which we are analysing today and which has the peculiarity of being compatible with the MacBook Pro Retina .

First impressions

Just open the box and you will find the battery itself , wrapped in protective plastic so that it will not be scratched or damaged (at least during the first days of use).

Next, and in another compartment located under two flaps, we find the transformer that we will use to charge the device and a pair of cables with two different plugs (which vary according to the type of plug we choose at the time of purchase). Also is included an adapter from the battery output plug to an airplane connector socket which we will need and will have to buy separately from Apple .

Technical specifications

HyperJuice 2Model, MBP2-100Capacity100Wh (27000 mAh) CompositionLithium IonsDuration with iPad50 hours (34 with New iPad)Duration with iPhoneUp to 19 rechargesDimensions 204 x 123 x 24 mmWeight0.73 KgMaximum output current DC14.5~18.5V (4.5A max)Maximum output current USB2 x 10W (5V,2.1A max)Total charging time3-4 hours

Availability and prices

The battery can be purchased at the HyperShop online store at a price of $299.95 .

Material and quality of manufacture

The battery is made of aluminium with a very similar feel to Apple’s MacBook and plastic for the sides, giving it the highest quality of manufacture, while giving it robustness and shock resistance. However, I must admit that it is easily scratched, so if we are one of those who like to take care of the physical aspect of our devices, I recommend buying a case to protect it.

Connections, ignition and indicators

As we have seen in the technical specifications, the battery has a power input (for charging), a DC output to connect the adapter so it can be used with our Apple notebook, and two USB connections with 10W outputs.

This means that we could be using the battery with (for example) two iPads and at the same time with a MacBook , taking into account that with the latter we cannot recharge its internal battery, but we can power it. This is not because Hyper doesn’t want to, but because it is a limitation imposed by Apple when using its airplane adapter.

In addition, the battery has a button on the front and a small display with which we can turn the unit on and then see the percentage of charge remaining and the time we still have to use the battery.

Finally, comment that to save energy the unit automatically shuts down after a period of time without charging any device (or that it is already fully charged).

Ease of use

Using the product is very easy : you just need to take the charged battery, plug in the supplied adapter and then the Apple airplane cable (which you should remember to buy separately).



In my opinion the article fulfills perfectly what it promises . Even so, I don’t give it the maximum score of 100 because I don’t see the automatic shutdown function as being completely correct. More than one morning when I woke up I found my iPhone at 94% battery power because the HyperJuice 2 had shut down automatically and the iPhone had started to consume its own battery.

But despite this, it must be said that it is a most suitable device for those who spend a lot of time travelling and need to use their laptop at all times.

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