We tested Palmo, the silicone case to hold the iPhone 7 Plus with extra security

As a former user of an iPhone 5s and current user of an iPhone 7 Plus, the most obvious change has to do with the manoeuvrability of the handset. For the moment, I still keep my iPhone 7 Plus jet black as I did a few weeks ago when we talked about this color. But you can tell from the day to day that you have to be extra careful with it.

I miss being able to handle my iPhone more freely when holding it with one hand, but the new diagonal goes far beyond this. For those who want more security when holding the 5.5 inches of an iPhone 7 Plus, ECBB has created Palmo. A rubber case that can hold a couple of fingers and that gives us a very interesting extra security .

Strong and soft to the touch material

We tested Palmo, the silicone case to hold the iPhone 7 Plus with extra security
We tested Palmo, the silicone case to hold the iPhone 7 Plus with extra security

In the shape of an X, Palmo protects all four corners of your iPhone. Add extra thickness so the device won’t get scratched when left on a hard or rough surface. Just enough to keep the camera bump on iPhone 7 Plus out of sight.

The material is quite nice to touch, in fact, it’s probably the best I’ve ever had in a smartphone case. It is a silicone that is very easy to put on and hugs the whole device tightly. To remove it, just take out one corner and the rest comes out by itself. ECBB claims to have the MIL-STD-810G certificate from the US army, which validates its durability over time.

Palmo grips the iPhone 7 Plus tightly and leaves enough room for two fingers between the case and the device

The way this sleeve “hugs” the whole device allows the buttons to be easily accessible. Volume, mute and power remain uncovered, unlike some cases or casings. The only drawback I find is that the bottom edge is too close to the Touch ID button . This makes the unlocking of the iPhone a bit uncomfortable.

The first few days the case is very tight on the back of the iPhone. So much so, that it’s difficult to insert your fingers to hold the iPhone better. But this will be solved in time .

Strong grip for one-handed operation

Many people will think that holding an iPhone Plus in one hand is silly, but there are certain situations in which I have been grateful to have the Palmo case. For starters, because my iPhone is my main computer when I’m away from home. Before I could answer messages and chats using only one hand, but now I need to hold the iPhone with both hands .

Palmo allows me to be sure that it will not fall to the ground without having to give up anything. Especially useful when you carry shopping bags or a dog leash and need to respond to something quickly.

Taking pictures with one hand is no longer the work of tightrope walkers or daredevils

Another use that is very useful is to take pictures. Taking a self-portrait with an iPhone 7 Plus is not without risk. Especially if you are in a busy place . Palmo allows you to take photos without fear of it falling over. And finally, who hasn’t dropped their iPhone in their face when reading Apple before going to sleep? Never again.

Palmo para iPhone 7 Plus, 25,99 euros. Resto de colores entre 20 y 30 euros.

En Apple
There are Palmo cases for all Apple devices, from iPad to the different 4, 4.7 and 5.5 inch iPhones. You can find them in different colors like black, white, red, green, blue, pink and even one that glows in the dark. The price is a bit high for a silicone case, but it’s still interesting.

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