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We tested Griffin’s solar SmartTalk, a sun-charged iPhone handsfree

In Applesupportphonenumber we have tested Griffin’s SmartTalk Solar, a hands-free car kit that can be easily removed and replaced thanks to two suction cups on the back. For convenience, it does not need to be charged because it gets the energy to recharge its battery through the solar panel that is built in. Want to know more about this gadget?

Current legislation does not allow us to drive and talk on our mobile phones at the same time, forcing us to use the hands-free phone. These devices are often fixed and not at all cheap, so if we are used to take several cars we must install it in each of them.

We tested Griffin’s solar SmartTalk, a sun-charged iPhone handsfreeWe tested Griffin’s solar SmartTalk, a sun-charged iPhone handsfree

In Applesupportphonenumber we have tested Griffin’s Solar SmartTalk , a hands-free device that is placed on the windshield of our vehicle and charged with solar energy, so that unless we are facing a long period of bad weather we will not need to connect it to the current to be charged.

First impressions

The truth is that I was expecting a much simpler product, with worse manufacturing quality and much smaller (so small that it was not functional when pressing the keys). But without a doubt when I first picked it up I saw that it wasn’t like that and that its buttons are perfectly accessible and that after 3 or 4 uses we’ll be able to press them without even thinking about where each one of them is .

In addition, the sound quality is very good both for the caller and for the call considering the small speaker and microphone available. The autonomy of the battery gives us to survive quietly one week, although thanks to the integrated solar panel we will hardly leave it empty.

Availability and prices

The device can be found on the manufacturer’s website for 69.99 US dollars and on Amazon for 70.95 euros.


The handsfree is made of plastic in its entirety. The transparent plastic holder may have found it a little weak, but considering that the suction cups stick very well to the glass, there is no need for a higher resistance since it is not a part that will receive impacts either.

On the other hand, the device itself is made of black plastic that is soft to the touch, which makes it resistant (I dropped it a couple of times and it doesn’t really show). However, it is not waterproof.

Installation of the device

The device can be placed in the vehicle in an extremely simple way thanks to its two suction cups located in the support where we introduce the device . Once it is in place, the keys are completely accessible for both receiving and making calls. It is important that the solar panel is well clear on the other side, because although the device has a Micro USB connector to recharge it, the device is charged through the solar panel so that in normal circumstances we do not need to connect to the mains or the car’s cigarette lighter.

On the other hand, we only have to pair up our iPhone or Android (although with the latter voice dialing only works in English) and drive quietly until we want to make a call or receive one.


As I told you before, the use is quite simple and after a few uses we will be familiar with the SmartTalk to use it without any problem. In addition, we will not have to turn it off when we get out of the vehicle, because when it detects that we have been without movement for 2 minutes, it goes into standby mode to reduce power consumption and reactivates when its internal sensor detects some kind of movement.

The device has only four keys : three on the front and one on the side. With the front ones we can change the volume and pair the device, and make calls (voice dialing), answer them and end them. With the lateral button we can mute the microphone and enable it again.

Assessment and conclusion


Without a doubt the product has fulfilled my expectations and has pleasantly surprised me with the sound quality it has despite being something so small and simple. On the other hand, I have to say that it would improve the support that attaches to the windshield by shaping it into something more like a carcass, as it can give the impression that it is going to fall over.