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We tested Apple’s multiplayer Augmented Reality, the future of Siri and Shortcuts: The Applesphere Talks

With the arrival of the iPhone 3GS and the first GPS chip inside an iPhone , the possibilities of obtaining and saving more data from reality were finally possible since without realizing it, we began to map reality in each photograph. These were the first foundations of Augmented Reality: in 2009 I wrote about the history of the path to AR with the iPhone that was just beginning. At that time, apps were starting to change everything and some of them were already making their own interpretation of Augmented Reality. However, computing power was essential not only to show better graphics, but also to improve the whole experience. Apple – perhaps with some new device in mind for the future – introduced ARKit , and version 2.0 of this new iOS feature does amazing things that we wanted to show you.

ARKit 2.0’s multiplayer experience will result in more collaborative, real-time games anywhere – we don’t even need Wi-Fi

With the new version of the Augmented Reality development kit, Apple offers something unprecedented until now in this field: the possibility of multiplayer game, ie several players can interact with the same virtual scene from different angles and influence it – all in real time and with incredible accuracy. As we thought you should see this, I asked Julio César Muñoz not only to explain the basics, but also to play a game with me on SwiftShot , the multiplayer AR game Apple used as a demo on the keynote.

After the departure we also talk about the “new” Siri and the possibilities that we are discovering in iOS 12 after its arrival, like for example the use of Shortcuts to feed the possibilities and to personalize in a certain way how we work with Apple’s smart assistant. It’s summer, but the technology doesn’t stop !

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