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We still don’t know what the next generation of the iPhone will be called

Last year we learned about the existence and operation of the iPhone X in detail due to the leakage led by the HomePod. However, it was not until a few days before the September keynote that we finally knew what the new generation of iPhone would be called. All because of the iOS 11 Golden Master release leak.

There is a reason why the naming of a new iPhone is often a better kept secret than the new features and functions of the terminal. Let’s see what it is.

The best kept secrets are in Cupertino

Over the years those of us who follow the world of technology and the apple closely have become accustomed to rumors. Especially those surrounding the iPhone. Credible rumors, crazy rumors , rumors that were finally coming true in September.

All of them have revolved around hardware features, filtered from the company’s inscrutable Asian supply chain, or from the software, coming from people directly involved in its development. As if it were a hunting ground, we have associated two names with both fields: Ming-Chi Kuo and Mark Gurman. Both constitute the maximum exponent of leaks on Apple, where the first one specializes in hardware and the second one in software (although it is not a watertight distinction).

Apple’s leaks have barely got the names and prices of future products right

Although it seems that there is no secret that they are resisted, there are two issues in which their authority is not the same. These are the names of future apple products, as well as their prices. The reason for their accuracy in predicting the name and price of new devices is that they are decided in Cupertino.

Phil Schiller, senior vice president of marketing at Apple and his team, is behind these decisions . This is a very small group of people who discuss and decide on these issues, without needing to share it with employees outside the circle. There are no electronic components to flush out of a factory through the toilet and no human error to filter out these names, prices or marketing materials. Nor is there any incentive for these people to talk to the press to sabotage their own work.

All this is decided “at home”.

What will the next iPhone be called?

Typically, the public does not know the real name of new Apple products until the end. We are less than a month away from the next generation iPhone and still don’t know what will happen with its naming . This year is especially interesting because of the decisions made last year that placed “iPhone X” as the winner of this contest, as well as the almost confirmed existence of three similar but different models.

It is assumed that these three models will follow the front of the iPhone X . To recap, we’re talking about these devices:

  • iPhone X 6.1-inch LCD screen, the most affordable of the three models.
  • 5.8-inch iPhone X with OLED screen, the successor to the current model that would disappear.
  • El ‘iPhone X Plus’ tendrá el mismo tamaño que el iPhone 8 Plus, pero con una pantalla de 6,5 pulgadas.

    iPhone X 6.5 inches and OLED screen, like the previous one but bigger and with some additional feature difference (Apple Pencil?).

This year it is especially difficult to choose the name of the iPhone because of decisions made last year

We still don’t know what the next generation of the iPhone will be called
We still don’t know what the next generation of the iPhone will be called

In my opinion, there are several paths the company could take to name the next iPhone. Some more likely than others . The first and less feasible is the return to the “S” models that was abandoned with the iPhone 8. Naming the “iPhone Xs” in this way would imply that in English it could be interpreted as “extra-small” or “excessive”, both adjectives impossible to associate with an iPhone by Apple.

Keeping the name “iPhone X” or simply referring to the model as “new iPhone” as was done with the third generation iPad would give the impression that there has been no evolution in the range . Continuing the Roman nomenclature with “iPhone XI” would complicate communication since many people pronounce iPhone X as “iPhone equis” (would they call it “iPhone equis i”?).

So I’m inclined to think that it’s quite possible that Apple will return to the cardinal numbers with “iPhone 11”. The X of the iPhone X was a timely moment , necessary to emphasize the tenth anniversary of the terminal as well as its most radical change to date. We haven’t entered yet to value the different last names of each of the three models, but my bet is this:

  • iPhone 11 Plus for the 6.5-inch model If the Apple Pencil is exclusive to this model, it would fit the name iPhone 11 Pro.
  • iPhone 11 for the 5.8-inch model
  • iPhone 11c or some variation similar to the one we saw with the iPhone 5c years ago. This is the version that could have dual SIMs.

There would be a line with simple names, easy to understand and to differentiate between them . The final name Apple chooses for the 2018 iPhone will not (probably) be known until the day of the keynote.

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