We recovered the original iPod, the revolution in the industry.

We return for another week with Apple Vintage, a section in which we will travel to the past with the intention of paying a small tribute to the products that Apple has been launching throughout its history. Today we will go back to 2001 to remember one of the great milestones of the multinational: the launch of the first iPod, a groundbreaking product that came at the right time to revolutionize the industry.

We are back, one more week, in Apple Vintage, the retro section of Applesupportphonenumber in which we will recover the products that have marked the evolution of Apple to become the company we all know today. Today we will open the trunk of memories to dust off the first generation iPod, an all-terrain player conceived as a revolutionary product in a time of great uncertainty for the company, which managed to transcend beyond the market it was intended for.

We recovered the original iPod, the revolution in the industry.
We recovered the original iPod, the revolution in the industry.

The first-generation iPod was presented to the public under the slogan 1,000 songs in your pocket , on October 23, 2001. Beyond being a marketing tool , this advertising formula was a true declaration of intent: the physical support for music was in decline, so they were going to put all their eggs in one basket in pursuit of a booming audio format, MP3.

The communion of a small, transportable and very easy to use music player with iTunes , a powerful music management program that also acted as a music store, led to a magnificent reception by the industry; some sectors of the specialised press were quick to state that, the iPod family had altered the panorama of portable audio players .

If there is a differentiating element that has become the hallmark of the iPod, it was undoubtedly the Scroll Wheel , a mechanical control method based on a scroll wheel, in which a selection button and four auxiliary buttons were integrated. It was later replaced by the well-known Click Wheel touch, which improved the user experience.

The first iPod had a 2-inch monochrome LCD screen , with a resolution of 160×128 pixels. It was initially released with a 1.8-inch disc with 5 GB capacity , one of the great architects of the player’s size content since at that time, the standard had been set at 2.5 inches; months later, a new model with 10 GB capacity would arrive on the market, promising to store up to 2,000 songs in MP3 format at 160 Kbps.

Further to its specifications, it should be noted that it made use of the chip PortalPlayer PP5002 , consisting of two ARM 7TDMI processors at 90 MHz integrated. It also had 32 MB of SDRAM , capable of providing over 20 minutes of skip protection.

Loading and synchronisation was carried out via a FireWire IEEE 1394a port , and the audio output was, of course, carried out via a 3.5 mm jack traditional stereo headphone. Its integrated 1200 mAh battery was able to offer a not inconsiderable autonomy, from up to 10 hours in playback .

Despite its limited connectivity options, its high price – $399 and $499 depending on capacity – and being only OS 9 and OS X 10.1 compatible, the iPod was a true boom . This is evidenced by the countless awards it received, such as engineering excellence, the most innovative audio product, and countless reviews highlighting its appearance, clean design and ease of use.

Its impact was such that quickly created new ranges of models such as the iPod mini – which later gave way to the iPod nano – the iPod shuffle or the recent iPod touch, which integrated the iPhone’s multi-touch technology. Although it has now been relegated to the background, the original iPod can look back and proudly claim to have been largely responsible for Apple’s revival.

Before we say goodbye, we leave you with an extensive photo gallery courtesy of the Flickr Pinot & Dita user.

That’s it for today. In 7 days we’ll continue with our particular review of Apple’s successful history. Don’t miss it! If you’d like us to dust off a particular product or if you have one at home that you’d like us to include in future deliveries, we invite you to share it with us.

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