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We present the models and sizes of the Apple Watch

After knowing the arrival of Apple Watch to the market, we know that we will have more than one model and more than one size available . The Apple Watch is the first line of smartwatches from Apple and it is already coming out strong. There is quite a bit of development behind this new range and it looks quite interesting and the system seems to be quite mature.

So much so, that it is already known that we will have an SDK called WatchKit with which we will be able to develop apps for the new intelligent clock .

We present the models and sizes of the Apple Watch
We present the models and sizes of the Apple Watch

We’ll have two different sizes: like the iPhone, two different models were presented, differentiated from each other mainly by the size . The different sizes are initially designed for different dolls and for different tastes, just like the different models.

The models themselves are three: one built on an aluminium base, one built on a stainless steel base, and one designed exclusively for athletes . And there are even more, as there are six different models of straps – yes, the Apple Watch strap will be interchangeable with others that are compatible, that is, in principle, with those manufactured exclusively by Apple.

All this is quite curious because Apple has a habit of releasing only one version of its devices, and in this case we have seen several models of both the iPhone and the Apple Watch -and even the latter with many options to customize it-.

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