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We love Baby Groot, and these are their best wallpapers

The latest installment of the Guardians of the Galaxy saga has just been released on our screens , and we have to admit that, as a film -and as an occasion to swell ourselves with popcorn-, we have loved it. However, there is something that stands out, and it is none other than Baby Groot who has won our hearts from the very beginning . And how could it be otherwise, we need to have it on our screen, on our iPhone, wherever we go.

Do you know Zedge ? If you’re one of the two or three clueless people who don’t know about this – possibly the best – wallpaper application yet. It doesn’t stop there, it also offers original ringtones and endless customization . Yes, you’re thinking right, that’s where our wallpapers of the week come from, _let’s go!

We love Baby Groot, and these are their best wallpapersWe love Baby Groot, and these are their best wallpapers

Background 1 Background 2 Background 3

Remember, if you don’t like this saga, you prefer a little more sober wallpapers or, simply, these wallpapers seem uglier to you than picio, put away those knives, letter openers and everything you were going to throw at me, you have hundreds of other different backgrounds in our customization section, where I assure you that you will find the most suitable for your style .

If you still haven’t managed to find the one you love, don’t worry, next Monday we’ll be here again to give your iPhone a new touch. Until then, to personalize!