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we know the names of the new Apple devices

With the ticking of the clock in the background, we are gradually approaching the presumed date when Apple will present its new star products: the iPhone 2019. It will be September, unless there is a major surprise, when this will take place on a special company keynote from the Steve Jobs Theatre located outside its headquarters in Apple Park in Cupertino. Now we come to relevant information such as the names of the teams. Here are the details.

Several days ago, we speculated that one of Apple’s new iPhones would bear the nickname of ‘Pro’ for the first time in its history and follow in the footsteps of the company’s other products such as the iPad Pro, Mac Pro, iMac Pro and MacBook Pro. Now we may be emerging from doubts about which device would bear that name and what the rest would be called.

we know the names of the new Apple devices
we know the names of the new Apple devices

It is known that this year we would see three iPhones again, which would become the replacements for the current iPhone XS, XS Max and XR . According to the French media,, based on the alleged leak of a company selling smartphone cases, the new devices on the block are the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Max .

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But which is which? Well, according to the same information revealed, the replacement for the smaller iPhone XS would be the iPhone 11 Pro while the XS Max would have as its successor the iPhone 11 Max. The iPhone XR would leave the “R” nomenclature and become the iPhone 11.

It remains to be seen if this information will finally be officially confirmed by Apple in a few weeks. Although we can highlight that the rumors are more and more reliable and we are getting to know the new devices better and better, the truth is that nothing can be taken for granted yet, although in the case of the ‘Pro’ nickname for one of the devices it is already sounding very strong so that it ends up being a false rumor.

Be that as it may, we will continue to report any relevant data or image about the new Apple iPhones, devices that, beyond some may like more or less end up being the most talked about equipment of the year, taking over the covers of many technology websites and even appearing in the general media for the tremendous media pull they generate.

What do you think of this alleged leak? Do you think these will be the names of the new iPhones? You can leave your impressions in the comment box.

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