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We interviewed the creator of BomberMind for the iPhone and iPod touch

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Being a programmer in Spain is quite a complicated profession. If you are a freelancer or freelancer who decides to launch into the world of development for the iPhone, the chances of success are even lower.

We interviewed the creator of BomberMind for the iPhone and iPod touch
We interviewed the creator of BomberMind for the iPhone and iPod touch

This is the case of a Spaniard named Iván Cerra , a programmer by profession who has now decided to launch himself into the world of iPhone applications. A world that from the outside seems all advantages and wonders, but how much does it really have?

Here are a few questions, which we were able to ask the friendly Ivan, to find out how hard the world of iPhone applications is when you don’t have a big company behind you supporting, helping and marketing your product.

Hi Ivan, first of all thank you for taking some time to answer these questions. Let’s go with those questions.

Were you a programmer before you got into iPhone application development?

Is the learning curve of Objetive C very steep?

One of Apple’s greatest achievements is to create an SDK that is accessible to all types of programmers. Is the SDK really that simple and accessible?

Most of the developers complain about the problems Apple has in approving an application.

Really, how complicated is the acceptance of a new application, how many days did you take with the whole process?

Is it possible to make money being an independent developer with few resources?

How many hours in total do you estimate it took you to develop the application?

Is it proportional to the money generated?

Is it worthwhile to launch yourself as a freelance developer?

I also had the chance to try out BomberMind, one of their games, and I thought it was pretty good. If you like the mind challenge genre, you’ll like this one a lot.

The intention is simple, we have to move a few boxes to a certain point . To do this, we only have bombs and some special rules of movement. At the moment very few people have finished it, so you can still access that prize that Ivan draws among all the people who finish it. If you are interested in buying the game comment that it has a price of 0,79 euros , quite affordable for a product of several hours of duration and on top of that ” made in Spain “.


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