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We improved the unlocking screen with Tempus

One of the complaints that iOs have received the most in terms of style is how little use is made of the terminal’s unlocking screen. With the latest versions of iOS it has become more informative, but it is still far from reaching the usefulness that other operating systems such as Android offer for their unlocking screens. The musical aspect also suffers from this lack, but to make up for it we went to Cydia, to use Tempus, a very interesting tweak.

Another week, as time goes by. And another delivery of the Tuning iOS section, because although it seems to be a lie there are still things to see, more possibilities with which to change the aspect of our device thanks to the Jailbreak . This time we’re going to try how to change the unlock screen so that it improves the information it displays relating to the song we’re playing at the time.

We improved the unlocking screen with Tempus
We improved the unlocking screen with Tempus

Although the music player is very simple to use, it could use an update and a better integration with the unlocking screen, as it only shows the play, previous, next and volume buttons. In order to achieve this, increasing the options we can now use Cydia and tweak Tempus .

With Tempus we add a complete music player to our device on its unlocking screen so you can choose album, artist etc, as well as adding a full screen where more information will appear.

To make use of Tempus we have to download it from the Modmyi repository where it has a price of 1.49 euros. Once installed we go to the settings of the utility and we only have to activate it in the option Enable . All the operation is done by gestures , which makes it very intuitive and easy to use.

Once you’re on the unlock screen while listening to a music track, simply slide the top bar with the time from left to right to display the iPod controls and even an extra brightness slider. Also sliding down the time bar on the lock screen opens a track selector that can be used to select individual songs, artists, playlists etc. directly from the unlock screen, offering a similar design to the native iOS application.

By pressing the Player button we can see the cover of the disc in question along with other information relating to the artist, album and song title, with all the music controls we could wish for at hand. If we have added the lyrics to the iTunes information this will be visible if we slide our finger over the cover again towards the bottom of the screen .

As you can see, many and varied options that make this tweak one of the most recommended, especially for music lovers.

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