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We found Cal, a great calendar app for iOS

When we talk about, the great task management application we have in iOS comes to mind. Now, the same developers are making their calendar application available to us. We talk about Cal and we are presented with an application with a clean interface, easy to use, great features and fully customizable. We will find an application that will make us forget the default app that comes with our iPhone.

The same developers who released for the iOS devices – a great application for managing notes and tasks – are now completing their ecosystem of applications for the Bite Apple brand devices with the release of Cal .

We found Cal, a great calendar app for iOS
We found Cal, a great calendar app for iOS

Cal is a calendar application that will make us forget about the default in our system . It stands out for its unparalleled simplicity and its minimal, flexible and very nice interface . It stands out for its visual appeal and, after the recent change in the system interface with the arrival of iOS 7, it has been well adapted to the guidelines of the new system of the Californians.

Without a doubt, we highlight the complete daily customization that we can make to our calendar such as the possibility of changing the wallpaper according to the day we are. This daily personalization is also accompanied by the possibility of creating authentic dynamic events . Add backgrounds, maps, the information of all the participants of the event, look for information about where to eat or drink coffee according to the geographical location of the event. In short, an absolute personalization of our calendar .

Another great visual wonder is the way shows the birthdays of our friends . They will dedicate a special space to these significant dates that will allow us to never forget to congratulate someone again. Thanks to the possibility of logging in with Facebook we’ll have all the dates synchronized very easily .

As for synchronization, we have already indicated the possibility of logging in with Facebook, so our events, birthdays and data about our friends will be automatically linked to the application. It is also fully compatible with Google Calendar and Exchange . Another important aspect is the connection between the tasks and pending duties that we have in our that will be totally synchronized with our Cal application. Without a doubt, this possibility of total synchronization with the applications most used by the common user is a great success.

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This is an application with a nice, clean, usable and very intuitive interface. Without a doubt, if you are an user, it is the perfect complement for you . I have loved this application for its smooth operation, its fluidity and its great features. If we visit their website the thing doesn’t end here, there is a mail application and what seems to be a note application . These guys are coming to close a complete ecosystem within the most used mobile operating systems of the moment – iOS and Android – and if they continue in the line, I predict a good future for them.

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