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We enter September, with events in the making, the rumor about the next iPhone is working at full speed

Whenever an Apple event is approaching, in this case even more so since we are in the process of launching iOS 5 together with iCloud, rumours are rampant about what the next revision of Apple’s Smartphone, the iPhone, will look like . We have been more than a year with the iPhone 4 on the market, a good phone, which Apple has managed to take full advantage of. But the time for change is coming will we see a completely redesigned phone or a simple facelift?

We enter September, with events in the making, the rumor about the next iPhone is working at full speedWe enter September, with events in the making, the rumor about the next iPhone is working at full speed

The logic leads us to think that if we continue with the tradition of recent years, Apple will continue to squeeze the design it introduced with the iPhone 4 to general lines, and present us with what we could call an iPhone 4S. But many are the voices that point to a total redesign of it , although this has always happened, we should not be misled, in the end we will not know the truth until someone (presumably Tim Cook) jumps to the stage and shows us the next iPhone.

Of course, I know that many of our readers (thank you all for being there and sending us such interesting links) have seen the video about an iPhone concept with a laser keyboard and pico-projector. Yes, it might happen someday, who knows? but there’s still a lot to do, let’s not get drunk with the illusion because then the disappointment can be huge.

Round starts, iPhone 4S or iPhone 5?

There is a lot of talk that Apple is going to launch a more affordable phone for users who don’t want to spend that much money. This, as it has happened before, will be the previous version of the iPhone with a capacity of 8 GB , at most I think they will introduce a slight modification in the antenna, which seems more than evident.

Some rumors point to a deep redesign of the future iPhone, which will make it thinner, the same size, with a screen smaller than 4″ and a longer home button. There is even talk that they will replace the current “Gorilla Glass” on the back with an all-metal case.

In my opinion (from a humble editor without any contact or reliable source) the appearance of back cases marked as N94 (supposed name for the next iPhone, the current model is the N90, Verizon’s the N92) from “Gorilla Glass”, with the space for the motherboard with the A5 chip come to show that little change we will see in the design of the terminal.

We could think that these are the parts of the “economic” model of the iPhone and that the A5 chip will also be inserted in it, which I find very unlikely. I’m more inclined to think that the next iPhone will have internal changes, such as processor, memory, camera and a redesign of the antennas. But little or no external change.

Around the Screen Will Apple keep up with market trends?

Lately we have seen how many manufacturers are inclined to make smartphones with screens larger than four inches. I myself own an HTC Desire HD, with a 4.3″ screen, which looks fantastic. But in my opinion, screens that size are uncomfortable on a terminal to carry in your pocket or to write text messages.

Obviously this is simply a personal appreciation. You probably don’t see it that way, but after several months with such a big screen, I feel uncomfortable writing text messages or emails while walking or riding the subway (to be precise). I’m sure Apple didn’t decide the screen size for both the iPhone and the iPad at random, but it was the result of hard usability studies.

We may see that the screen fits much more closely to the edge of the phone, but without increasing the final size of the phone. We may see a 3.7″ screen (the current one is 3.5″). But recent photos of parts of the future iPhone suggest that it will be the same size, unless it is clear that we are looking at parts of Apple’s supposed “economic” model.

In short, the fact that the flame of rumour is so hot can only mean one thing, the presentation of the next iPhone is very close , so if you are interested in the next Apple Smartphone, you should be happy. What will it all come down to? Well, we’ll have to wait for the bull to pass before we can see which photos were true and which were not.