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“We do not attempt to collect data from our users”


After last Tuesday’s Keynote, exactly one week ago today, Tim Cook has been preparing the ground with a series of interviews. Apple has just created a new product category within Apple and you have to show your face to present the product. Today we have the second part of his interview with Charlie Rose and it is more about user privacy .

“We do not attempt to collect data from our users”
“We do not attempt to collect data from our users”

The first part of the interview was more directed to the memory of Steve Jobs, how important his vision is still for the company and the battle fronts Apple has open. Tim Cook now returns to try to make clear Apple’s policy on the privacy of each user and defines it as an unquestionable right .

Fingerprint, Apple Pay, credit cards, iMessage… A lot of information is handled by Apple about us, in principle it might seem so, but Tim Cook makes it clear that this is not true. They don’t read our messages, nor our emails, nor our fingerprints, “We don’t have the key to access them” says Tim Cook .

Tim Cook is again adamant about this, as he was when it was rumored that Apple was giving its servers access to the NSA. And after the imminent launch of Apple Pay wants to give a message of tranquility to all Apple users again .

Tim Cook reminds Steve Jobs again in this second part of the interview stating that the mark he left on all Apple workers was to strive to create the best products to try to change the world and make it a little bit better. This motivates more (including himself) than the goal of making your company more valuable.