we compare the most used instant messaging applications in iOS

Whatsapp para iPhone

GroupMe, nacido para mensajes en grupo pero válido para todo

GroupMe es una alternativa más orientada al envío de mensajes y cualquier otro tipo de datos entre varias personas, pero ha demostrado ser muy capaz con la mensajería clásica. Al igual que WhatsApp se enlaza con nuestro número de teléfono, con lo que estaremos seguros de que nadie más va a usarlo desde otro móvil.

we compare the most used instant messaging applications in iOS
we compare the most used instant messaging applications in iOS

Lo bueno : Compatible con la mayoría de plataformas del mercado, aunque su punto fuerte es que se puede usar vía web para no tener que estar constantemente cogiendo el móvil cuando estemos delante de un ordenador.

Lo malo : Este cliente, como el resto de los que seguiremos viendo a partir de ahora, entran en el saco de puede-ser-mejor-que-WhatsApp-pero-como-no-lo-usa-tanta-gente-nadie-le-coge-cariño .

Not that it was a big shock, but the world of instant messaging has been moving lately. There have been rumours of Facebook buying WhatsApp and setting up a new Snapchat-style messaging program with messages that self-destruct at a certain point, LINE has come to the fore and aims to grow worldwide, the integrity of the iMessage service is talking… it’s the perfect time to sit back and look at the alternatives we have right now to communicate with our contacts using iOS .

WhatsApp, the pioneer and leader of messaging

Loved by many, hated by many more, WhatsApp is the application that everyone recognizes even though it is completely disconnected from the technology news. In Spain it has represented the death of SMS and its abusive prices by operators, who have had no choice but to adapt their rates to the new times.

The good thing : With its popularity, it is very difficult to find someone who has a smartphone without WhatsApp installed. It’s the bridge where everyone has gone to abandon SMS and MMS. Compatible with many platforms.

The bad : Sometimes the service fails, and there has been a lot of controversy with security. Messages were sent through the servers without any kind of encryption, which they solved with an encryption that was too easy to solve. All security experts recommend, in fact, getting as far away from WhatsApp as possible.

Skype en la App Store

LINE, la promesa que nos llega desde Japón

LINE es, desde luego, la aplicación que más revuelo está causando últimamente. Muy estable, muy compatible y con un punto que no tiene nadie más y que sólo podía venir del país del sol naciente: es muy divertido. Tiene emoticonos enormes y muy acertados para añadir a los mensajes, y cada vez más personas lo están probando. Y por lo visto la expansión va bien, porque la compañía quiere abrir oficinas en varios países además de Japón.

Lo bueno : Multiplataforma y por lo que se ha visto hasta ahora, bastante fiable. La sincronización entre dispositivos es impecable. Se está erigiendo como el rival por excelencia ante la poca seguridad de WhatsApp. Se puede consultar, además, desde las aplicaciones para Mac y PC.

Lo malo : Bastante tematizado para el público japonés, algo que puede no gustarle a algunos. La aplicación para OS X es bastante mejorable.

Skype, the Microsoft bet that has taken Messenger ahead

Microsoft bought Skype some time ago, and the fact that it has declared it the successor to the classic Messenger shows that they have a lot of ambition in Redmond. Everyone knows about this service, which focuses on conferences using VoIP but now Microsoft wants to promote it as a messaging service as well.

The good stuff : Like WhatsApp, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t have a Skype account. It’s a world-renowned service, and you won’t have trouble finding your friends. It’s from Microsoft, but compatible with many platforms.

The bad : The stability and performance of the service in general can be improved, and with instant messaging what we are looking for is speed. Some of the advanced features, such as video conferencing between several people, are paid for.


It’s relegated to the Gmail website and Android devices, but on the other platforms it could be something very powerful.

Imagine, for a moment, that an official Google Talk for iOS application appears with which you can send messages, pictures, videos or anything to one or more contacts using groups. It could also be integrated with the traditional Google Talk and also with Google+ hangouts for video conversations.

It would be a big step for Google which may already be in preparation. Undoubtedly, would do a lot of damage to all the competitors we just saw. We can only wait and see how they attack this market.

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