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We can now mute users from Twitter for iOS

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We can now mute users from Twitter for iOS
We can now mute users from Twitter for iOS

Twitter continues to enhance its official iOS client, which unlike more advanced ones, is free. The most important new feature that many have found essential is to be able to mute other Twitter users . This will allow us to see the content we see on our timeline while still following people.

When we silence someone, they will no longer appear on our timeline , nor will we get any notifications or SMS from this user. This does not affect the other user, and they can still mention us, bookmark us , tweet us , and make us retweet . They will never be able to know if we have silenced them or not .

This mute can be reversed at any time. Unfortunately, it’s not yet possible to mute the hashtag as we could in Tweetbot. Also, when we mute someone it is done indefinitely, and we can’t program to mute them for a few days, as we can with other clients .

As we can see, is something that only happens at the client level, and is not integrated into the Twitter web interface . If we could mute someone from the web, it wouldn’t be necessary for clients to support this function, as the tweet would not appear directly.

Here is the complete list of changes of the new update:

  • Choose between “Top” and “All” tweets in the search results.
  • Tweets with Twitter photos, Vine videos or other selected content now preview on our timeline.
  • You can reply, retweet, bookmark or follow someone directly from a tweet on the timeline.
  • Easier access to MDs.
  • Choose a filter for your photo
  • New interface for navigation
  • Descubre has been updated to show trend related tweets.

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