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we are not working on any mapping application for iOS

In the last conference that Google’s CEO gave in Tokyo, he made some statements about the new maps that Apple incorporates in iOS 6, and his disappointment with the decision not to continue using Google Maps. He also said that Google is not currently working on an official application of its mapping service for iOS, and that it will be a project they will start if Apple gives them the green light first.

It’s something we didn’t want to hear, and we waited like water from May. We all hoped that Google -as it did with YouTube after taking Apple out of iOS-, would bring out an official Google Maps application for iOS 6 ; especially after the complete failure of Apple’s Maps immaturity.

we are not working on any mapping application for iOS
we are not working on any mapping application for iOS

At a conference in Tokyo, the Google leader made some statements about iOS Maps :

Eric Schmidt claims that if the Google Maps application ever makes it to the App Store it will be if Apple approves it in advance . They refuse to start such an important development as a mapping application so that Cupertino’s people will throw the work away and not accept it.

Considering Apple’s pride and Google’s passivity in this case in the face of the situation, which benefits them enormously in order to boost their Android system, we can almost categorically assure that we will never have Google Maps in the form of an official application in iOS .

Even dares to talk about the search service . He does not make any statement against Apple, but quite the opposite:

It would be a major setback for Google if Apple stopped integrating Google as a search engine in Safari , where they earn more millions for the contract between the two companies than those of Mountain View earn with their entire Android ecosystem. But would also be a disappointment for consumers , where Google is a search standard in the world, as much as Apple hates Google.

And finally, to end up mocking Cupertino’s, Schmidt presented a new function for the Nexus 7 Google Maps application, where we can zoom in by moving the device physically , just like you can do in the photo gallery on some Samsung phones.

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