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We analyzed the new iPad

The new iPad went on sale last Friday and, of course, we tested it to offer you this in-depth analysis. It is true that on the outside it may seem the same as the previous one, but nothing could be further from the truth. We found an interior full of novelties that, to us, have surprised us satisfactorily. Although, of course, we have found some small, remarkable flaws.

When I told you a few weeks ago that we already had it among us, that Apple had already presented the new iPad, I would never have thought that I would be the one doing this review showing its wonderful features, although there will also be time to talk about some not-so-great details . In my case, I own a 32GB white WiFi+4G iPad, I’ll start talking about the main features we all know to finally see what could be improved or what Apple could have done wrong with making this great device. Are you ready? Go ahead. We begin with the analysis.


We analyzed the new iPad
We analyzed the new iPad

I know it will be a bit of a shock to talk about the design of this new iPad when it is identical to its predecessor . It’s true, it’s the same to the touch. You can hardly notice that millimeter thick. Wow, I don’t see much difference. Where I would say I do notice some difference is in the weight . It seems to me to be a bit heavy compared to the previous one, not that it’s too much, on paper it’s about 50 grams of difference, but anyway, I have to admit that the size and weight are suitable for a device with similar characteristics. In addition, I must add that my previous experience with an iPad was with the first generation, so the generation gap in this case is more than remarkable.

About the design lines, there is little more to say that we don’t already know. Apple has taken great care in the design of the iPad, a fact that has been more than demonstrated by the fact that it has hardly changed anything from the previous generation. About its manufacture, for now I have not found any remarkable complaint , I hope it will continue like that, although we know that Apple lately is not the same as always in this sense.


I’m going back to the same thing as before, I come from a first generation iPad, where opening Pages cost me about a minute. If you ask me about performance, I’ll tell you it flies. Of course it flies . Sometimes the transitions between applications are so fast and fluid that it seems like they read your thoughts before you touch the screen. But maybe that’s something iPad 2 users can say, too. I have to say as an iPhone 4S owner that I now take an iPhone 4 and I notice the performance difference , so I don’t rule out that the performance difference is really noticeable when using the iPad of the current generation compared to the last generation.

Actually, I’ve been quite amazed at the processing power we can achieve with this iPad, as many people have, the first thought that came to my mind when I thought about a Retina screen of such size is that we had to sacrifice some performance , but on the contrary Apple has surprised us all with an even better performance than we all expected at first.


I guess this would be the section you’d all be waiting for. What am I gonna say about the screen that hasn’t already been said? The screen is wonderful . It’s hard to imagine that there are so many pixels on such a small panel (no more and no less than 2,048 x 1,536 dots). Let’s remember that there is no screen on the market, even if it is a larger one, with such a high resolution. Does the iPad’s Retina Display do justice to its name? In my opinion, yes, and in an outstanding way. It’s true what they say that the dot density per inch is not as high as the Retina Display we find on the iPhone, but once you get in front of this 9.7 inch panel, you forget about it and see everything with unimaginable definition. Here I leave you a comparison of the iPad 1 screen with the new iPad (you can enlarge it by clicking on it): The only thing that is missing and I would like all applications to adapt to take advantage of the new resolution to the maximum, but this is a matter of time. That said, when you see this screen, it will be hard to get away from it .

Negative aspects

Like everything in this life, it wasn’t all going to be good. The new iPad has its downside , of course it does. They are not something to be taken lightly as it has been done over the weekend, saying that if the iPad gets too hot or takes too long to load. From my point of view, and according to my experience, I have to say that the iPad gets a bit hotter than the previous one. But watch out: a little . If one of them gets too hot, I recommend that you change it for another one, because the feel is almost the same as the previous one. In normal use, the iPad is always cold , frozen, but if we do actions that require more performance, like games, it’s true that it will raise the temperature a bit, but nothing more than that. On the other hand, the loads, I have to say that I have suffered from that. It’s quite noticeable that this battery is more than twice the capacity of the previous one, and it takes quite a few hours to charge it. Even if we use it while charging it from our Mac, we’ll see that it hardly ever increases its percentage of charge. But, anyway, my iPad came with 92% charge and has worked two days at maximum level staying at 30%, so I wouldn’t complain too much about this section.

And so much for the analysis of the new iPad. I hope my ratings are adequate enough to allow an easy choice when buying an iPad, whether it is this generation or any previous one.

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