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We analyze iPhone and iPad Paper and its Great News

If you’re one of those people who likes to take notes in a notebook or design sketches of a bigger project and be able to share it with whoever you want, maybe FiftThree Paper for iPhone and iPad is an application that can interest you and a lot.

Paper has been on the App Store for a few years now, but with the latest update, which has added the “Think Kit” package, it is more up to date than ever . We’ll tell you what you’ll find at Paper and what the latest update’s great additions are.

Designers will love the Paper application

We analyze iPhone and iPad Paper and its Great News
We analyze iPhone and iPad Paper and its Great News

Paper may seem like a very simple application, but it hides a great potential. In it we can manage a series of notebooks, which we can decorate to our liking with skins that come by default or even adding your own images and in which we can draw sketches, designs, take notes and now make outlines more easily and quickly thanks to the latest update.

But before going on to comment on the added features, let’s talk a little about Paper itself, its interface and its possibilities. It is undoubtedly a very successful application, which has already been downloaded by more than 13 million users worldwide and which was also rewarded with the award for the best application of the year and also won the Apple design award in 2012.

As soon as you start Paper you will see a series of notebooks, being the first one of obliged reading, since in it many aspects of the application and its possibilities are detailed, as a tutorial or presentation. You can start taking notes, drawing sketches or designing diagrams quickly, by selecting one of the notebooks available or adding others.

The interface is clear and very complete. Once you have selected the notebook, you will have the upper part to start drawing or sketching what you want and the lower part will show the tools you have available. Paper can be used perfectly with the finger, but we recommend you to use a pen or optical pencil, if you want more defined or detailed strokes. The application itself has a link to its store, where you can buy a pen model specially designed for Paper, which has a price of 59.99 euros and will be available in three different colors.

What’s new in Update 2.5.1

Paper received a new update a few days ago, which adds a new package of improvements that they have named Think Kit, which undoubtedly opens up a new world of possibilities , especially if you want to create diagrams with the touch screen. Perhaps they have thought of all those users who do not have a stylus and therefore have added these improvements.

Now it’s much easier to create geometric shapes, just by drawing a line in the shape of a circle, triangle or square, the application will take care of defining the geometric shape and the truth is that it works incredibly well. This way your diagrams will look a little more professional, but with that hand-drawn feeling. You can also cut these geometric shapes and place them wherever you want, just by leaving your finger pressed on the geometric shape you have drawn, you can move it and position it wherever you want.

In the following video you have some examples of the different diagrams that you can create with Paper, thanks to this new update.

Download Paper for iPhone and iPad

I’m sure that after reading this analysis you’ve been left with the desire to check out what’s new at Paper, if you didn’t already know about the application. You can download it for free for iPhone and iPad from the following download button.

Paper was already a design application that stood out from the rest available on the App Store, but no doubt now with this new update, which gives you more possibilities, it makes it more attractive. Perhaps the only drawback we found is that you need a PEN or stylus to be able to squeeze it to the maximum, but only by drawing with your hand, you’ll get great things.

We strongly recommend that you give it a try, if you didn’t already know it, you can take your notes and sketches anywhere and best of all, share them with whoever you want.

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