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We also look for bargains in privacy. Bargain hunting

If there’s anything to be had this week, we’ll certainly choose by acclamation the great Joe Belfiore, not only because he’s one of Microsoft’s best professionals, but also because he’s made our week happy with his great personality and undoubted character. Good old Joe has given a name to what we think is a perfect vacation: in Japan with his family, dyeing his hair platinum blonde and uploading a photo to Twitter… from an iPhone .

Yes, he has every right to do so, and besides, as he explained, the best way to get to know your rivals is by using them on a daily basis, but hey! We loved the pose and the fun of the situation. Can you imagine Ballmer’s face if he was CEO of the firm at the time? Genius and figure. Belfiore continues with his iPhone in privacy, and we’re hunting for bargains to end the week . Let’s go with them:

  • We can start the party, now that it’s Friday, by unveiling a strap for our Apple Watch, and the leather ones always give much more packaging to our look, so the X-Doria Lux looks like a perfect solution, especially knowing that it’s almost 50% off: you can buy it for £27.99 at Macnificos.
  • And we are not leaving this online store yet because it has another powerful offer, especially for those who want to renew their mobile. Do you want to make the jump to the biggest brother of the iPhone? Macnificos has a good collection of iPhone 6 Plusal 25% discount. Yes, you read it well, so if you want to retire your old iPhone, this is a great time to get hold of this exceptional model.
  • But if you want to finally get your hands on an Apple Watch and your bank account is in order, you can choose a second-hand one, even if it’s not brand new and has a guarantee. This is a 38mm Watch Sport at a price of 349 ?, that is, with a discount of 50 ?.
  • Although we, like Belfiore, love to travel and not go crazy with so much cable (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch…). We find Aukley’s USB charger to be an excellent option, especially now that it’s only 14 euros (you save almost 6 euros).
  • We continue to offer second-hand bargains, especially for those who want to get their hands on an iMac. Here’s a Core i5 (8GB500GB) for 959
  • In the field of applications there are also great opportunities, such as PDF Expert, a powerful tool for managing and editing PDF documents on your iOS device, which is now at £4.99, half price, come on.
  • But if it’s music you’re after and you play the guitar, we have good news for you: IK Multimedia Irig is at 18.43 euros, with a saving of 38% on the normal price.
  • For those who want a very simple and second-hand iPhone, we have this 4s black 8GB and free for only 149 euros, with its box and everything.
  • We’re in the middle of the sales season and it shows. FNAC is also joining the party with a very interesting offer: a 32GB Air WiFi iPad for 395.10 euros (with a 10% discount). Don’t take too long because this promotion only lasts for today and tomorrow.
  • Cazando Gangas

    AUKEY Cargador USB 50W
    We’re still at the French giant, since there we’ll also find an interesting offer for those who want to make sure their iPhone is scratch-free: we’re offering the Belkin TrueClear iPhone 6 screen protector for 7.99 euros, or in other words, at a 20% discount.

  • We jumped to Worten to discover (oh yes!) a 128GB 4G mini iPad for 567.20 euros, saving you [drum roll] a whopping 141.80 euros.
  • Now, if you love to hear quality, cable-free audio and don’t have a cash flow problem right now, these Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Earphones can be a great option for listening to music on your iPhone or Apple Watch. They’re available from Amazon for £355.01, which is 21% off.
  • Nor should we leave leisure aside, and we find that Hitman: Sniper is discounted to 60% for a limited time and you can download it to your iOS for just 1.99.
  • But with so much room for our iPhone or iPad, it’s not a matter of running out of battery either. How about a Romoss 20,000 mAh power bank? We found it for $20.80 (27% off) and free shipping worldwide.

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We also look for bargains in privacy. Bargain huntingWe also look for bargains in privacy. Bargain hunting

Today in amazon for 0,00

IK Multimedia Irig – Guitar-bass interface

Today in amazon for 21,05

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Over Head Wireless – Wireless closed headphones (BT APTX NFC, noise cancelling), black

Today in amazon for 299,90

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