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We already know how to integrate Force Touch into iOS 9 for the new iPhone 6s

All that’s left is to filter out what color Tim Cook’s underwear is. Inside Apple’s headquarters sometimes there are also internal leaks , and the one that brings us today 9to5Mac is related to how Force Touch will run in iOS with the new iPhone 6s.

Last week I showed you how a designer imagined its operation, through shortcuts and a way to make things easier for us when executing actions. Well it turns out that he was not too far off track, because what Mark Gurman tells us is not very different from what we saw in that video .

We already know how to integrate Force Touch into iOS 9 for the new iPhone 6s
We already know how to integrate Force Touch into iOS 9 for the new iPhone 6s

At Apple they call the iOS Force Touch internally as “Orb”. Instead of opening a window with options to do extra actions that didn’t fit on the screen – as the Apple Watch does – on the iPhone this step is omitted and the intention is to avoid lists, options, or button simulation with vibration. Force Touch is used throughout the system with the intention of reducing action steps .

These are some of the uses could have in different applications:

  • Maps: Click on a point of interest in the Maps application, and Force Touch will automatically take you to the site with step-by-step directions.
  • Music: If we click on a song in the list, a popup will appear showing us the most used actions. If we keep pressing it for a few more seconds, it will be automatically added to a playlist or saved for offline listening.
  • Home: When we click on an application icon on the Home screen, such as the Phone app, we go directly to the Voice Mail menu. In the News app we would go directly to Favorites.

We understand that many of these actions will be pre-configured in the Force Touch settings , and that Apple will open an API for developers to exploit Force Touch in their applications, as it does in OS X for MacBooks that support this functionality.

Unlike the Apple Watch, Force Touch will have three ways to work on the iPhone: with no visual representation in the user interface, with a menu when we do Force Touch, or with a shortcut depending on which area of the screen we press . The physical feedback has been adjusted to be consistent and pleasant throughout the system. We’re looking forward to getting our hands on one of these new iPhones to see how it improves the user experience with our phone, and also to see how long it takes Samsung to copy this feature into their smartphones .

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