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We already have the iPhone 5, so the launch

Todo sobre el nuevo iPhone 5

We already have in our hands the new iPhone 5 which will be officially launched tomorrow in Spain. In addition, we can offer you information about the launch: the sale will be activated at 00:01 tonight through Apple’s online website and it is not a reservation process, it is direct sale.

We already have the iPhone 5, so the launch
We already have the iPhone 5, so the launch

About the prices of the new iPhone 5 , we can also tell you that they will be known at the same time that the sale opens tonight, although as we have already published in the blog, from the Apple Store online application for iOS we can already know them ( without many surprises regarding what was rumored ).

About the launch, some Apple Stores will open tomorrow at 8:00 am to be able to offer their customers the product from very early on. We already have news that different Apple Stores all over Spain have people queuing up to be the first to get the best iPhone ever made by Apple. And of course it is.

Welcome, iPhone 5

The moment I met the iPhone 5 again since the keynote last Wednesday 12th of September, when I could try it for the first time, has been interesting. Having the iPhone 5 with more tranquility and that first moment of reviewing every detail of the new design, really make you realize the commitment and the level of improvement that Apple of this new model.

When you can try it out in the shops tomorrow for the first time, you will be surprised by the lightness of the new model : something I personally value very much in a gadget. Then you connect the screen… and that’s like switching from conventional television to a panoramic one. Not only that, the quality of this new Retina Display is frankly good, compared to that of the iPhone 4S, noting very significantly the improvement in color saturation. The videos, for example, are impressive here.

The speed of the new A6 can also be noticed from minute one: not only in the navigation through the operating system, but also in the opening time of the camera, launching applications… The sound has also improved in power, although the truth in that the 4S was also quite good.

To all those who are undecided about this new iPhone, I recommend that you go to a store and try it out: it’s not what it looks like and now more than ever, the images don’t do it justice. Despite what it may seem, the whole body has been completely redesigned and the interior is completely new: you can tell, and you can tell a lot. The best iPhone ever made : I’m going to try it out thoroughly and in a few days, I’ll tell you my impressions in a post down to the last detail. I’ll leave you with some pictures of the box and the content, and some close-ups.

Welcome home, iPhone 5 .

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