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We added HDR to the front camera with Front HDR

One of the most fashionable features in today’s terminal cameras is the ability to highlight images with the use of HDR. This is possible in the case of the main camera of our iPhone or iPad, but it is not available if we use the front camera. At least until now and is that thanks to Front HDR if we can make more intense color shots with the front camera.

HDR, an acronym for High Dynamic Range , is an image processing technique that has become fashionable for some time now, driven mainly by social networks and photographic filters available on devices.

We added HDR to the front camera with Front HDR
We added HDR to the front camera with Front HDR

So much so, that the great majority of these have ended up incorporating HDR as another functionality when making a photo without having to resort to third-party applications . Both the iPhone and the iPad have this function in their main camera, but what happens if we want to use HDR with the front camera? We simply cannot, because just as other options such as taking panoramic photos or the grid have disappeared, we cannot use HDR unless we are users of Jailbreak .

Once again thanks to the community and from Tuning iOS we are going to show how another interesting tweak available in Cydia works with which to enable this option in a simple way. It’s available for free in the BigBoss repository.

Once installed, the device will perform a reboot and when returning to the camera function, we will have the HDR option available . We should not look for any new access or configuration menu, as they do not exist. Only the new option button within the Camera application that gives us access to the grid enable and the mentioned HDR.

The tweak works correctly except for one of the occasions when switching from front to rear camera with the HDR function activated, the application was unexpectedly closed. To tell you the truth, with the poor quality of the front cameras HDR is not an option that allows you to obtain higher quality photos, but it is still a perfectly valid functionality.