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Waze now supports CarPlay in iOS 12

Last week with the arrival of iOS 12, Google released a Google Maps update making it finally compatible with the CarPlay system supported by some selected cars, thanks to the fact that Apple opened with this update the ban on third party applications becoming compatible with its CarPlay system.

Waze has been in beta for several weeks now with this functionality, and we all thought they were going to extend their development further, but today they surprised us with this update that was so desired by all the detractors of Apple Maps.

Waze now supports CarPlay in iOS 12
Waze now supports CarPlay in iOS 12

Waze is an application known by most drivers, because besides being a browser like Google Maps or Apple Maps, it also gives us information about speed limits (warning when we exceed them), police checks, road works, and a long etcetera.

All this information given to the driver is mostly provided by the rest of the drivers, who can give warnings through the application in a very simple way of possible traffic or works retention among other options. In addition, also uses official sources of information such as the DGT itself , especially for roadblocks, all of which are quite up-to-date.

It is because of these features that Waze is very downloaded, since it uses Google maps but with a lot of traffic information and various warnings that will help the driver.

If your computer does not have this type of technology, it is always advisable to use different iPhone car accessories in order to keep the app in view without losing attention on the road.

If you have a vehicle with CarPlay, simply install the latest Waze update from the App Store on your iOS 12 iPhone here. For us, it’s an indispensable application in our everyday life while driving. Have you tried it yet? Tell us your experience!

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