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Waze and Pokemon Go not working well due to GPS failure

The iPhone is not exempt from software or hardware problems like any other device and this time a user has detected one that can be tremendously annoying. When we don’t know a city we visit we usually use the browsers we find in the App Store but it seems that in particular Waze wouldn’t be working in the best way because of a bug related to GPS on the iPhone 11. In this article we tell you all the details of this problem.

Several users have reported a problem with GPS tracking on iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro via a Reddit thread. In this same forum, in addition to explaining the problems they are experiencing, they also detail that have brought it to the attention of Strava so that the problem can be investigated.

Waze and Pokemon Go not working well due to GPS failure
Waze and Pokemon Go not working well due to GPS failure

The GPS problem reported in this Reddit thread is basically based on a lost or inaccurate tracking. For example, it doesn’t detect Waze where we’ve left the car parked precisely, or it appears that we’re driving on a different street than we really are. This can obviously be extremely annoying and even dangerous, especially if we’re relying on the navigation system to guide us through the city. Sometimes we all fall into over-reliance and when we are told to turn right we do not check if it is legal to do so.

Specifically on Reddit we read the following:

I’ve been working directly with Strava and they claim that the iPhone 11 Pro is not tracking data correctly. When I searched the internet I found a couple of posts, although not many. At this point, Strava engineers are blaming my iPhone specifically for not tracking GPS data accurately, although I have no problems with any other tracking application.

It is curious that this problem only occurs in very specific applications but in others it goes perfectly. This makes us think that the problem lies in the software and not in the hardware. If the components needed to locate our device were broken at the factory, then no application could track us accurately. But in these threads only Waze is mentioned and also Pokémon GO.

Although Apple has been reluctant to make any statements on this subject, we hope that in the coming weeks they will end up optimizing this aspect of their latest iPhones through minor updates. Now if many people who corroborate this problem end up echoing it is possible that the solution is very near.

This same problem was reported quite often on iPhone X. In my case in some navigation applications I noticed that the tracking was not too accurate but it was solved through software. We’ll have to wait for Apple’s next moves, although we think they’ll be quick and come with a solution.

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