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Ways to listen to our iPhone music in the car

No wonder most of us today carry our music or podcasts on our mobile devices. And that’s why digital music streaming services or cloud services are in vogue, where we can store our music without taking up space on our computers and play it from them. Let’s look at some ways to play this content in our cars via the iPhone or iPod.

Whether it is for commuting to work, being a work tool or being the means by which we travel and move around, we spend a lot of our time in the car. As time is money, we take advantage of any moment of the day to listen to those songs we like so much, or those podcasts that interest us so much and make us have a good time.

Like all technologies, automotive technology has also evolved over time, and cassette tapes have made way for the new era of digital connections. Let’s look at some of the different ways we currently play music from our devices in our car. We are going to divide it into two parts, on the one hand the audio output through the 3.5 mm stereo headphone jack and on the other hand the audio output through the 30 pin connector or Lightning connector.

3.5 mm stereo output

This is the simplest, cheapest and most versatile option but at the same time the least recommended for driving , as we must control the music playback from the device and not from the car radio.

  • Auxiliary cable: for cars that have an auxiliary input, we simply connect the cable to the headphone output of our device.
  • FM transmitter: for vehicles that do not have an auxiliary input, we can purchase these devices. They are connected to the 12-volt power socket of the cigarette lighter and must be tuned to our radio on a clean frequency so as not to have any interference. These devices already come with auxiliary input and usb, so we can connect our iPhone or iPod to the auxiliary input with a cable with 3.5 mm stereo connector. There are some that even have a direct 30 pin connector.
  • Cassette adapter with 3.5mm stereo connector: in the worst case, if we have neither an auxiliary input nor a cigarette lighter socket, there are these adapters for cassette radios, which take out a stereo cable and we can connect it to the headphone output of our device.

30-pin connector and Lightning

  • Standard receivers: Most cars on the market today, either as standard or as an extra accessory, give us the possibility to have the connection for the iPod. With this connection, by means of the 30 pin cable or the most recent Lightning, we can control our music and podcast from our car’s multimedia receiver.
  • AppRadio

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    Pioneer, for example, has presented a new concept of multimedia receiver very interesting, since now we can enjoy some applications compatible with the system and that interact between our iphone and the receiver. AppRadio shows us the applications that are compatible and we have in our device, directly on the screen to be able to use them from the media receiver of our car. Maps, calendars, photos, browsers, music players or even Siri, are some of the functions that we can display in AppRadio.


Ways to listen to our iPhone music in the car
Ways to listen to our iPhone music in the car


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