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Way 2.0 b3 now available

Preview Camino Browser

The new beta , the third test version of what will be the second version of the browser, incorporates few new features compared to the beta 2 in addition to increased performance, but it does represent a big jump from version 1.6. 7 the last version they have released of the stable branch, because it incorporates notable improvements like the reordering of tabs, flash blocking, integration of the downloads with growl and the dock, in short a lot of details that greatly improve the browser without subtracting performance, which is its main objective.

Way 2.0 b3 now available
Way 2.0 b3 now available

I only have left to recommend that you download it and try it , this new version promises a lot and that’s because I had my doubts since one of the promoters of the project is actively collaborating in the version of Google Chrome, in the end we see that Camino is still on the right track (sorry for the easy, horrible and free joke).

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