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Waterproof iPhone 7, the return of the iPhone 6c and more from the Apple Watch 2: Rumorsphere


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Waterproof iPhone 7, the return of the iPhone 6c and more from the Apple Watch 2: Rumorsphere
Waterproof iPhone 7, the return of the iPhone 6c and more from the Apple Watch 2: Rumorsphere


Compartir iPhone 7 a prueba de agua, el regreso del iPhone 6c y más del Apple Watch 2: Rumorsfera



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But before the arrival of Black Friday, what many consider the official kick-off of the holiday season, we have a few rumors that have emerged throughout this week about the world of the bitten apple. So get comfortable and let’s enjoy what could be coming for Apple in the coming months.

  • It has been almost three months since the arrival of the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, but this does not mean that Apple is not already working on what will be his new mobile device, so little by little we will begin to see more information of the so-called iPhone 7, which during this week came the rumor that would make the jump to the 3GB of RAM, but also, would have for the first time a watertight structure that would make it waterproof and dustproof.
  • Following the same information from Avril Wu, analyst at TrendForce, we anticipate that according to their sources, Apple would be starting in early 2016 with the production of the rumored iPhone 6c 4-inch, which would be a vitaminized version of the successful iPhone 5s, including mention that internally it is known under the code name “iPhone 5s Mark II”, and that among its features we would find an A8 processor and an increase in the quality of the FaceTime camera, which would incorporate an opening ƒ2. 2. The launch of this iPhone 6c would break with the upgrade times we already know from Apple, because it is believed to be released in June 2016.
  • At the beginning of the week, we saw how WhatsApp was updated with some new features such as the addition of Peek and Pop within the interface, but also discovered that within the code of the application was the file “watchAppBundleIdentifier”, which means that the expected update compatible with Apple Watch is about to be released.
  • For some weeks now, the first rumors of the Apple Watch update have begun to appear, and during this week data appeared indicating that Apple is looking for a second supplier to help them meet the demand and thus avoid the supply problems that the first version of the watch had. According to a statement from Quanta Computer’s CEO, the Apple Watch would be entering production during the second quarter of 2016, to be released sometime in the third quarter.
  • To close, at Apple we already have in our hands the new iPad Pro and in the coming days we will publish their analysis in depth, but in the meantime, we leave you with a video where Pedro Aznar gives us a first approach to the new Apple device.

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