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WaterDate 3, entertaining educational game for iPhone and iPad

The list of games on the App Store has not stopped growing since its opening in 2008, as has the number of people using their mobile devices to play. It seems that smartphones and tablets have won the game over portable consoles, and this is causing children to want to use these devices from a very young age to play. But… what if we combine gaming with education? Well, we get children to learn a lot of things without realizing it and in a way that is tremendously fun for them.

This is what WaterDate 3 proposes, a game of skill combined with a dose of environmental education and awareness about caring for the planet aimed at children between 5 and 11 years old . One of those games for iOS that offers simple mechanics so that children do not find it difficult to learn how to use it and can access more easily the “lessons” that the title has to give them.

What is WaterDate 3 about?

WaterDate 3, entertaining educational game for iPhone and iPad
WaterDate 3, entertaining educational game for iPhone and iPad

Aquabird is the protagonist of this game and in it we have to accompany him in his adventure to help his 6 friends who are spread all over the world. Each friend faces a different problem: drought, deforestation, garbage in the oceans, etc, etc… and only we will have the necessary powers to solve the problem and start changing the world.

Before starting each of the levels we will watch a video that explains which friend we have to help and what the problem is. Once the video is finished we will be ready to start playing. To advance through the different levels we will have to solve these problems that, in each level, are represented by a small icon . We will move Aquabird with small touches on the screen (in the purest Flappy Bird style) and when we pass over the icons we will pick them up and advance in the level.

At each of these levels we’ll have to solve the problem a certain number of times and, very importantly, we have to do it in order! If we miss one of the points where the problem exists we will lose a life and have to start the level over again until we get it completely over.

Once a level is passed, the game will ask a question and give us three options for answers. If you answer the question correctly you will get an extra life, something very important to advance in history, since you will have one more chance to repeat a level in case you skip any of the problems. These questions are also related to the environment and how little we respect it in general as a society; another of the educational points of the game and that seeks to make the children aware that our dealings with the planet that hosts us needs an urgent change.

What did we like best?

  • It is very easy to learn the mechanics of the game.
  • Quick games to take advantage of any moment.
  • It helps to make children aware of the importance of taking care of the planet.
  • It transmits, in a fun and dynamic way, some of the most serious environmental problems on Earth.
  • It’s completely free.

And the least of it?

  • It’s annoying the way the videos are played. When playback starts, the video player controls appear and you need to touch the screen to make them disappear. It’s a little annoying, but this is something that developers will be able to fix easily in future versions.
  • The game is a little short. At the moment it has six levels that can be overcome relatively quickly, although there is always the possibility that there will be more in future updates.

WaterDate 3 on video

We’ve been testing WaterDate 3 for iPhone and iPad on our devices, and have prepared this video about the game. What do you think?

Download WaterDate 3 for iPhone and iPad

You can download the game directly from the box above . The download will start directly from the App Store for free. WaterDate 3 is available for iPhone and iPad, and requires iOS 4.3 or any later version.

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