water detection and biological analysis

The Apple Watch is a device that is primarily intended to improve and monitor our health. Over time we have seen how Apple has added new features in this regard and will continue to do so in future generations. A new patent has shown the plants that Apple would have to improve its intelligent clock. In this article we comment on it.

The Apple Watch could keep you from drowning

In this new patent called ‘Portable Electronic Device as Health Competitor’, there is a review of the features to be included in the future. Among these, the water detection stands out, which at first sight may seem silly. But it gains quite a lot of importance since it will not be designed to detect, for example, if it is raining while you are walking, something that you can already detect yourself.

water detection and biological analysis
water detection and biological analysis

The real use of this would be to detect whether we are in danger by sinking into the water unconsciously. If the watch detects this situation it can call the emergency services j at the location to proceed with the rescue. But obviously we can have a day when we go diving for quite some time and so that this is not interpreted as a danger, the Apple Watch can consult the calendar to know what we are doing. This would be tremendously useful if we add the already existing possibility of storing health data on the iPhone.

In addition, with this patent, the watch, upon detecting that it is in an imbued amount of water, could activate other types of sensors. These include, for example, the determination of whether it is in salt water or fresh water. Depending on the response of the sensor it could be called to emergency and even detect bio-matter . It is not new to think that many of the waters of our planet are contaminated by different chemicals that would seriously affect our health. With this sensor a quick analysis of the quality of the water would be made in order to be able to warn the user if he has to go out or can stay in it for a while longer.

Without a doubt, the combination of water analysis to determine that one is in salt water with geolocation is tremendously interesting. This could end up saving a lot of lives as the ocean is not a very safe place and sometimes we can be in danger and having no way of being located can end up being very bad. With Apple Watch, if these sensors are implemented, a location signal will be activated if the user is detected to be in trouble underwater.

When will this patent be applied

Obviously we are looking at a patent that is far from being a confirmation of a feature that will be implemented in the future. These are simple ideas, which paint a very good picture, but which may come next year or in five years’ time. Patents are never exact in this sense so we can’t say when these sensors will be implemented in the clock. The truth is that it is a feature that goes in the line of Apple and that on paper it paints very well, but in reality it can get complicated.

It remains to be seen how this would affect possible failures in the battery of the Apple Watch and other components if there were any water leakage.

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