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watchOS 7: new areas

The dials of our Apple Watch are the most visible part of our watch. Besides allowing us to configure the information we want to see when we lift our wrist, they give the watch a style, similar to the straps. In watchOS 7 Apple will add new dials to the collection.

According to the filtered code of the future iOS 14, one of the novelties of watchOS 7 will be its new spheres. For now the only information we have access to is the name of the spheres , and yet it is quite suggestive. References have been discovered to a new sphere called International and another to be called Infograph Pro .

watchOS 7: new areas
watchOS 7: new areas

In the case of the first one, and according to the name, we expect the sphere to show the colours and motifs of the flags of the different countries . Besides, it will surely display the flag itself, maybe even with some animation, on the screen.

As for the sphere Infograph Pro , according to the code discovered, will add a tachymeter (to measure the speed) to the current Infograph . Whether it will also add room for further complications remains to be seen. Remember, too, that with watchOS 7 you can surely share your spheres with other people via messages or AirDrop.

At AppleFuture Apple Watch will improve the ECG and may be able to detect oxygen in the blood based on iOS 14 fragments

Although this is a minor change from what watchOS 7 will represent, all new developments are welcome.