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Watching Instagram Live from your Mac or PC

Las últimas actualizaciones de iOS y macOS no permiten hacer FaceTime con versiones antiguas

Si empleas un PC con Windows, además de poder acceder a ver el directo, una vez haya finalizado puedes descargarlo . En el caso de usar MacOS esta función no está todavía disponible pero si que podremos volver a verlo si el emisor del video lo guarda como una Story en su perfil.

Watching Instagram Live from your Mac or PC
Watching Instagram Live from your Mac or PC

Así de sencillo puedes sacarle más partido a la versión web de Instagram, una forma de poder ver el contenido en una pantalla más grande con las mismas posibilidades que en un smartphone.

Instagram has become these days (if not already) one of the most recurrent resources to brighten up our time . Many people and brands have launched themselves through the platform to carry out collaborations and live workshops in order to make the confinement we are experiencing more enjoyable.

Unfortunately these direct or “lives” can only be viewed from the app, as its web version does not offer this possibility . That’s why today we’re bringing you a little guide to having this feature in the web version of Instagram, so that you can have a more complete experience from a computer.

The first thing to note is that while this can be done from both Mac and PC , it can only be done through a browser derived from Chromium code, and although we recommend using Chrome other browsers such as Microsoft Edge in the case that you use PC also serve.

The process is very simple: we owe this function to a Chrome extension . So the first thing we have to do is download it from the Chrome Web Store, its name is IG Stories for Instagram .

Download IG Stories for Instagram extension from the Chrome Web Store

Once we have downloaded and installed the extension we simply need to access Instagram from Chrome, login and we’ll see how the direct and stories appear as if we were browsing on a smartphone . From here we can search for the live show in the Stories bar or access the profile that is broadcasting it and click directly on its profile picture to log in, where it will ask us if we want to see the Stories or the live show.

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