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Watch what you accept, they can clean your iPhone

According to the WSJ, some companies would be remotely deleting the iPhones of workers who stop working for them, after accepting the terms of an agreement -BYOD, bring your own device-.

Interesting to see that people do not normally read the small print of these contracts. If this is what you sign when you start working and when you agree to bring your device to work, it is legal to have it remotely wiped to disassociate yourself from the company so that you can’t get information out. With today’s systems, it is relatively easy and difficult to get information out of a company after you leave.

Watch what you accept, they can clean your iPhoneWatch what you accept, they can clean your iPhone

We followed up on the WSJ report, according to a survey, 21% of companies have this clause in the contract to remotely wipe their employees’ registered devices. This is what they accept when accessing the company’s network.

It is true that even in work matters, most of us do not take the time to read to ourselves what it means to accept the terms of use in question. In principle a judge would rule in favour of the company in such a case, but there is another case which would be the following: if the clause we are talking about does not appear in the contract, but the company does have access to the device through an Exchange account.

It is a controversial issue because what rights does the company have over the content that does belong to you? As could be personal photos, for example, if you have already deleted all the material owned by the company. You would have to see the terms you accept to know whether the company finally has the right to do so or not. It all depends on what is written.

Despite this it would not be complicated to recover all the personal material thanks to a backup made before the cleaning of the terminal, in addition there are several programs to extract this content without the need to restore it to a device. So these practices are a little bit unusable.

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