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Watch out, there’s a new Apple phising on the net

Scams are the order of the day. Either by phone, as is the case with calls from a 668 number we told you about at the time, or by e-mail. The days when Nigerian princes offered us their fortune to cheat are long gone, but now everything is much more sophisticated. So sophisticated that many users are receiving emails from a phishing campaign that seeks to impersonate Apple and take all your data.

You find yourself checking the last few emails you’ve received and suddenly one in particular catches your eye. It’s Apple, asking you to update your profile due to a security breach. Everything checks out, the email address looks very much like the one the Californian company would use, and the page it redirects you to is traced back to the original. However, you are falling for the latest phishing to Apple.

Watch out, there’s a new Apple phising on the net
Watch out, there’s a new Apple phising on the net

Users who have received it report that the header of the mail is “Urgent Notification – Apple S.A.” -so, no accents, good start- and in it they tell us how due to a security violation we have to check our profile. If we click on the link we will be redirected to a page -https, you have to recognize that they work on all the details- fake pretending to be the home page of your Apple ID .

They will ask us for both the Apple account details and the rest of the personal and bank details, so we will be totally at the mercy of these cybercriminals. However, after requesting them, they direct us to Apple’s official website, so it’s easier for us to fall for their tricks.

In any case, avoiding falling into the hands of these scammers is as easy as ignoring the post office of this category , since no company will ask us for our personal and bank details by post. You know, caution first.

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