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Watch out for the Tweak “Lock Saver Free” It’s got a Trojan!

Performing the latest Jailbreak iOS 8.4 is safe, as long as you are careful with some tweaks that include malicious software like the one shown here today. Apparently the tweak “Lock Saber Free” includes a Trojan inside , which can bypass the security in your iOS device, so we recommend you to choose not to install it and if you have it, uninstall it immediately and follow the advice we are going to give you below.

The Trojan benefits from Google ads displayed on the device , with the aim of acquiring the revenue for the benefit of the offender, by linking to a site with a TLD assigned to the country of Bulgaria and containing text in Bulgarian, as Jeff Benjamin from iDownloadBlog says.

Watch out for the Tweak “Lock Saver Free” It’s got a Trojan!
Watch out for the Tweak “Lock Saver Free” It’s got a Trojan!

The truth is that sneaking a tweak into the repository is very difficult and it is even more surprising that it is still published and has not yet been removed from the repository. But if you have downloaded this tweak for one reason or another, we show you how to remove all traces of it, completely .

If you happen to download the Cydia tweak, please note that it will not be enough to uninstall it from your device , you will have to manually delete two files in order to completely remove the Trojan from your iPhone or iPad. We recommend that you use the iFile tool to delete these files.

The two files “Service.dylib” and “Service.plist” are installed in the “LibraryMobileSubstraceDynamicLibraries” folder in the iOS device directory where you have performed the Jailbreak. Therefore it is necessary, besides uninstalling the tweak, to delete these two files from the directory . Only the two files.

These two files can be copied into that folder because the tweak itself changes the permissions of the folder. While the folder must have the 755 permissions, the tweak performs a “trick” to be able to change the permissions to 777 and thus be able to write in that folder, which is only intended for reading.

Once again you can use the iFile application to change the permissions to the folder to 755 and leave it as shown in the image above, so that the directory becomes read-only again and nothing can be copied to it.

But as we said at the beginning, if you find this tweak in a Cydia repository choose not to install it under any circumstances, so you avoid all the problems. We also recommend that you do not install Cydia tweak that you are not sure are not frauds, ie, choose well whenever you install on Cydia, so you avoid major problems. We have learned about the existence of the Trojan and how to remove it thanks to iDownloadBlog.

Did you install this malicious tweak on your iOS device? Did you manage to remove it?

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