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Watch Barça-Madrid live online on Mac, iPhone and iPad

Football in Applesupportphonenumber? Why not? Many of us, besides being fans of the apple and everything that goes on around it, are also fans of some sport and more specifically football. And as a good football fan you will know that today is the second classic of the season , F.C. Barcelona receives for the first time to Real Madrid of Zinedine Zidane.

A classic that, if we look at the ranking with Real Madrid 10 points behind F.C. Barcelona, may seem decaffeinated but nothing is further from the truth . Football is often a state of mind and although the league is already almost decided in favour of Barcelona, a victory against the top team would serve to boost morale against the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League

Watch Barça-Madrid live online on Mac, iPhone and iPad
Watch Barça-Madrid live online on Mac, iPhone and iPad

Real Madrid arrives with all the team recovered , with the stability achieved in recent games to have found a type eleven Zidane and, all said, with an eye on the Champions League and its clash with Wolfsburg.

For their part, F.C. Barcelona, also looking forward to their quarter-final against Atletico Madrid, arrive with the peace of mind of having the league more than resolved but with the desire to win and give again a blow of effect leaving morally touched to eternal rival.

How to watch F.C. Barcelona – Real Madrid LIVE in iOS

What better way to see a Real Madrid – FC Barcelona of today if we are not going to be able to see it on a TV than from our iPhone or iPad? Watching content is one of the strong points of Apple devices, but not only can we watch series or movies with applications like Netflix but we can also enjoy the whole sport and watch a classic like today’s. Below, we show you some apps that will help you watch online the classic that is played today at the Nou Camp at 20:30 :

Download PrestoDownload PrestoDownload Presto

If for some reason you can’t see it but you still don’t want to miss it, you can always keep track of what’s going on by following it on the radio or even through applications that notify you with personalized notices, goals, fouls, chances, etc.

Download PrestoDownload PrestoDownload Presto

MSN vs BBC, who will win this classic?

There are only a few hours left to find out and to see the best attacking tridents of the present day, but what we do know is that, if you like football, you cannot miss one of the most important matches of the year, the match that attracts the most spectators in the world of football, and that today, as on every occasion, it will surely be a spectacle. A F.C. Barcelona-Real Madrid that, as always, you can follow and enjoy from your iOS device .

How will you follow this, for now, last classic of the season? What do you think the result will be?

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